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Me and the washed jeans.....


Needs to stick to it!!!
So...Bought my current pair of jeans about say a month and a half ago..and couldnt actually do them up in the store but knew once i got home i struggle into them...(anyone else know this feeling???) Anyway fast forward to now!lol and i went to put on the jeans yesturday after washing them expecting the whole lay down on the bed to get the feckin things on and ..guess what......


my first little milestone i was deeeeeeeelighted to say the very least!!!! LOL ....*really im not insane* :D :D :D
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well done mags! what a lovely shock that must have been :D

be entirely impressed and smug with urself! u've worked for it, you've earned it. in a couple of weeks u'll need a belt to keep them up lol.



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oh wow Mags thats fantastic!!

I know exactly what you mean!! YAY good on you - just think soon they'll be hanging off you
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That's the best reason to diet - losing weight in pounds/stones etc is great ...... but to actually see the results like that is wonderful - well done!
Fantastic! Hope you feel good in your sexy jeans!



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Excellent Mags. Isn't it great!!!!!!

Soon you'll be posting that you had to buy new jeans in a smaller size.

This diet is fab but plays havoc with the bank balance!
Still not complaining.

Well done

Jazzy x
That's great Mags, but be warned, wear them plenty now, cos before you know they'll be too big. I managed to diet right past a couple of things in my wardrobe and never got to wear them, including one, brand new, never worn pair of jeans;) Didn't mind too much though as I had to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe of clothes.

Enjoy your jeans :)


escaping the fat
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Makes it all sem real somehow doesnt it? We know the scales are going down but look in the mirror and cant see a difference AND THEN we try on our clothes and they fit or fall off. Isnt it wonderful!!
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yeah, wear them lots!

I bought a pair in december and they are too big now, tried to shrink em but didn't work! I manage to shrink things by accident, but when I actually want to shrink something it don't work!!!

Well done you!!

mags (the other mags)


Needs to stick to it!!!
MadameDotty...I cant WAIT till they're too big haha....it deffo does make a difference happe when ye see it in something like jeans!!!!

Hiya mags!!lol ..isnt that always the way god id be the same now lol try n shrink it no way dont ever wanna shrink it..n ya feckin do!!lol ...
S: 14st4lb C: 13st1.5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 35.8 Loss: 1st2.5lb(8.25%)
back when I started this, there was a jumper I had shrunk even though I followed the label, after a while it fitted as I shrunk, then i washed it and it shrunk again and after a while....it fitted. This happened 3 times, but now the sleeves are too short so I've had to bin it lmao!



Needs to stick to it!!!
lol ive done it to soo many of my clothes,actually so has hubby,he keeps puttin my tshirt or sweaters in the dryer and thats it there dead!lol ...ive a few that ive kept so hopefully now in comin weeks i mite be able to get into them!!!

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