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Me so far

Hi all

When I started my weight loss around a year ago I came across this forum and read about a guy from England who had recently split with his partner and decided he was going to shift his weight to get himself to a place he wanted to be. He posted before and after pictures and he looked great in his final picture - he had done incredibly well by maintaining a strict exercise routine and diet.

Sadly - I cant find the post but back then reading it was a massive inspiration for me because our circumstances and our motivation were almost identical. I thought Id post a bit of my own story because I know for me how much that kicked me up the backside (in a very positive way) to push me to do the work to get the outcome I had desired so much for so long.

In March last year I was a little under 21 stone. I was 23 then, about to turn 24 now and I have just breached my 15.5 stone mark. I have some work to do still as Im aiming for about 14 stone but I am almost there!

Id like to say that I went to the gym everyday and ate nothing but salad and sugarfree drinks but that wasnt the case. I did join the gym and have managed roughly around 2 times a week average but that wasnt the main reason I lost my weight. For me, it was a major attitude shift. I stopped eating myself into fullness and initially forced myself to realise that I didnt NEED to keep going just because it was on the plate.

Eventually I was eating smaller portions, and making smarter choices with food (low calorie/sat fat sandwiches instead of heavy pasta salads or subways!) I still had my share of Dominos pizza (my number one vice in life!!) and the weekend booze binge session but I was finding that being more careful with food and actually allowing my body to feel hunger instead of beating myself to it, I was losing weight gradually.

I tried weight watchers to help me speed up the process but I just found it wasnt working. I was shifting the odd pound here and there, only to put it back on when I returned to a "normal" diet. I was also catching a LOT of colds and flus - probably because I not eating enough for my frame. (Obviously this is only a personal thing - I have friends who have done very well on WW.)

For me, eating sensibly but still having the things I wanted in moderation alongside moderate exercise was the key down the weight path.

Anyway - I thought this might be good reading for those just heading on the road or perhaps the odd soul wondering if its even possible. When I started I had convinced myself I was going to be the way I was forever and that nothing could be done about it. It wasnt completely easy - but glad to say Im wrong.

I check back to this site often and there are some brilliant stories and heaps of support so keep it going.

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Congratulations and well done on your wonderful success!:happy096:

You look absolutely fantastic:wow:

Thank you so much for sharing your story as it is very inspirational.

I see you posted on lh01482 success thread June last year...is this the guy that inspired you?

New here: Success so far!
Hey everyone, Im new here, my name is Liam. I made a change to my lifestyle back in March, I used to eat pizza, chips, chease, crisps, sausage rolls, everything you could think of, after a break up with my ex I started to lose weight without knowing it, and when I saw how much id lost, i decided to keep going with it, and the weight kept dropping off, as I said, that was back in March, here are my before and after pics.

This one on the right is at a new years eve party in December 2008, and the one on the left is me now:



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Your welcome:)

I am so very happy for you, it is a wonderful success story.
Great stuff, I'm so pleased to read that, and a very well done, what a great inspirational post.
Wow you look fantasic. Congratulations on your weight loss. I suppose im in a similar situation due to, the way i have changed my portion sizes and made the wise food choices. I however am losing weight to gain the confidence to attract a partner, after being used by so many as a 'pitty' person!

Well done, its a great story, and I see you come from South Wales, so Happy St Davids Day :)
Well done! You look very trim and completely different now, hehe! I really like your approach to losing weight, I too was always hungry on WW. Good luck for the future weight loss. x


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wow what a fantastic achievement! congratulations, and thank you for sharing


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well done babe!
I've just come accross this post and I am absolutley overwhelmed, the fact that my story has helped to change someone else's life, I just can't believe it.

Well done, you look absolutley brilliant, keep it up :)

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