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me too I'n new to this and need help


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Hello there, I’m new to this forum. It seems like a really great place to meet people and motivate each other. Just to tell you a little about myself, I'm an american living in italy and have been living abroad for years, in Mexico for 3 years then turkey for 1 1/2 year and now italy for almost 2 years and will be here to stay. I battled an eating disorder bulimia off and on and I can honestly say that I haven't had any slip ups or fell back into that lonley dark road for the past 4 years. at my lowest weight i was 97 pound and highest 177, now I'm 154 and looking to get to 127.
I’m doing calorie counting as a way of losing weight and I have a few questions for those who are already losing weight by counting calories. I know this may sounds a bit dumb or silly but I wasn’t so sure, is that when you are counting calories you should always burn up the amount of calories that your are eating and have a negative amount left for example I ate 1300 calories but burned 1500 calories with exercises and daily things and this will give you a weight lost? Currently I’m waiting to do the Eurodiet which I’ll go to the doctor on October 17th for the checkup and etc.. and until I start that diet I wanted to start counting calories and make it a habit of logging what you eat and being more cautious. Any help or website links that you can give me would be nice. Also just a general question has anyone tried the eurodiet and what was there experience.
Thanks and sorry for the long email :D
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Hey there and welcome to minis hun,
your right this site is great for support,im sorry i dont have any real answers to your questions i just didnt want to read and run without a little reply.
Well done on not slipping back to old ways.
I know that 2500kcals is equal to 1lb,so if you can use up that amount of energy then you will lose a lb of fat.
Wow, you have travelled alot,is this with your work?what do you do?
Best of luck to you,and keep posting,and plenty of water always helps!!sorry i havent been more help

I completely sympathise with you, i used to purge quite often and went from 13st down to 9st 2 so i was never dangerously thin but it was defrinately a problem in my life which dictated a hell of alot for me. When i took a gap year i had to face all that junk and managed to break the cycle and got loads better. However since then i have followed the bingeing cycle without the purging after and have ballooned up to a disgusting 17st. So ive decided to get rid of it in a healthy way, must admit that this week has been a complete nightmare, ive had a few blowouts and slipped back into old habbits again and im having a bit of an argument in my head. However i know that is not the solution and im going to get back on track! So dont be put off if you hit a really rough patch, you will get through it and i think you almost have to go through that struggle to be in control of your eating. So good luck with the weight loss and if you need a sympathetic ear then feel free to ask me!!

Alice x


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Try Caloriecount.com, their weight loss forum was very helpful to me when trying to work out how many cals I should be eating to lose. Almost every question you can think of has been posted there- do a search and I'm sure you'll find advice to help you?


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S: 12st2lb C: 8st10lb G: 9st2lb BMI: 20.9 Loss: 3st6lb(28.24%)
Thanks everyone for the support and welcoming me to the forum.

So much I was a graphic designer and I left a very high paying job and went to mexico to work for peanuts doing the smae job. Then I got the opporunity to go to europe and teach english and so I took the offer and I have lived in 3 different countries and now have settled in italy and this is where I will stay..

I did do some research and found out balancing what calories defict you need to lose weight and etc.. actually a good website called calorieperhour. I'm going to stick with the calorie counting until i start the Eurodiet on the 18th and then contiune with the calorie counting after I've reached my goal with the eurodiet and start to watch what I eat more and be healthy..

Alice, we definitely were in the same boat and its good to meet someone who can understand where I've been and how easy it is to start back binging and purging and overeating. I added you to my friendship contact list so maybe we can email each other in private to motivate and make sure that we don't slip back to those dark ways..

so much wow you are doing great with your weight loss can you tell me what do you eat on a normal day and etc.. I see that you are losing about 2/3 pounds a week..

I like this forum and I will post here as much as I can. great resource for everything.. It's a goldmine here :)

hello sarah and good luck to everyone out there big hugs

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