Meal ideas...


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Can someone help me, I 'm getting prepared before my next shopping trip on monday.

Breakfast I'm eating porridge with some fruit
Lunches I've got things like fried egg on wholemeal toast, scrambled egg with salmon, then I kind of run out of ideas... Maybe a tuna and tomato toastie...

Dinners.. well I'm completely confused, I've just switched to lean mince, or turkey mince if I can but I don't think that tastes as nice. I'm scared to try new things. I do LOVE Butternut squash curry though I could eat that everyday!
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How about home made soup? Fry off some onion, add made up stock, loads of veg and maybe some lean meat. You can add herbs and spices also rice or noodles to bulk it up a bit. My favourite is lentil and bacon, you can make a batch and keep some in the fridge or take it to work.

Butternut squash is great roasted, cut in half add a little oil them roast in the oven or cut it up with other chunky veg, a little oil (I use the 1 cal spray oil), takes about 30 mins in a moderate oven.

The thing to do is experiment, throw a load of things into a pot and see what happens.

Good luck


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I'm another huge fan of homemade soups.

How about a chilli with the mince or even soya mince?


How about a chilli with the mince or even soya mince?

Im a big fan of veggie minces! I made up a big batch the other day. Just Quorn mince, tomatoes, onions, grated carrots, sweetcorn, celery and garlic.
day1- bolognese, with wholewheat pasta and tiny bit of grated cheese on top.
day 2- sheperds pie. just top with mashed sweet potato or butternut squash with a cheese and oat topping.
day 3- chilli. just add chilli powder and serve with brown rice.

(I must invest in a blender though, homemade soup sounds delish!)


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I LOVE leek and potato soup, although I realise potato really isn't ideal.

What about a sweet poato and swede topping for shepherd's pie?


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Salmon sprinkled with a little salt & pepper, pan fried ( no added oil) in a non stick pan served up with steamed broccoli and sweet potato chips is yummy :)


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One of my fav things is those big flat mushrooms, remove stack but keep it, bake for a few mins, cool, then spread low fat garlic/chilli Philly in them, sprinkle some lean bacon lardons and the chopped stalk, and low fat cheese on top, then bake or grill for a few mins. Really tasty especially with a side salad with chopped peppers and sooo filling. I usually have two!
Or I love a kind of zero veg curry with cracker bread thins spread with ex light Philly.


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Butternut squash soup is lovely.

1 butternut squash
1 onion
1 inch of grated ginger
1lb carrots
1 1/4 pints of veg stock
1 or 2 teaspoon of tamarind paste
2 tablespoons of olive oil

put olive oil + chopped onion + grated ginger in pan and sweat on heat not to hot
cut butter nut and cut carrots in chunks
place in pan with veg stock and tamarind paste
bring to boil and simmer till soft about 35 mins.blend to make soup


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I've come across a delicious pre-made couscous salad, reduced in price. It was feta and beetroot couscous with maple and balsamic dressing. I really need to learn how to make it as it was unbelievably tasty!

I'm avoiding specific diets and trying to be more healthy with my food choices as well as control portions. I hope to find some great meal ideas here.