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  1. ellaye

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    Calorie Counting
    Bid done Atkins before and lost about 20-25lbs but I went to calorie counting instead and lost another 19.

    I'm considering going back to low carb, not necessarily Atkins though, but I'm struggling to come to with meals that sound appetising. I can't stand eggs, so that makes breakfast a little difficult, and I'm on a pretty tight budget so I can't just live off salad and cold cuts, as much as I would like to, lol.

    I'm happy enough to stick to calorie counting, but I know I feel better when I'm in ketosis, so does anyone have any ideas of cheap-ish, healthy low carb meals?

    I don't mind cooking so recipes are welcome if you know any good ones. :)
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    Hello there,

    I've been on atkins for around 6 weeks now, I've lost just over a stone, my diet has mainly consisted of meals with chicken, tuna, salmon eggs, and beef made in many different ways accompanied by baby spinach, cheese and mayonnaise etc...

    I know you've mentioned you need to be on a budget & I'm sure this can be done, chicken legs can be very cheap, try asian butchers rather then supermarkets. Tuna you can get on offers in a number of supermarkets or lidl always sell tuna at a discounted price. Tuna, mayo, salt, pepper and red onion is lovely.

    As for breakfast I'm not really sure as I have eggs but if you like cream cheese then make ham and Philadelphia rolls! Delicious!

    Personally I can't do calorie counting as it feels too hard to continually check it. I think if you can try search for the food at a cheaper price then this diet is great.

    I hope this helps in your decision Hun x
  4. ellaye

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    Calorie Counting
    I kinda decided to stick with calorie counting for now, just because I literally couldn't think of ANYTHING Atkins-y to buy, other than eggs or chicken.

    Chicken legs & thighs are my fave, but where as I would normally eat them with baked sweet potato or rice or something, I couldn't come up with any alternatives. At least nothing that sounded appetising! I think that's part of the problem... None of the usual Atkins food I love sounds good to me right now. But I will keep thinking and hopefully coming up with different ideas will kick start my Atkins appetite. :)
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    Have a good read of the Just Recipes sticky - that will give you loads of ideas.

    Also google Atkins induction and you will get thousands of recipes...
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