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Meal Out

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Hi Everyone

I have been reading all the posts on here and there are some really good success stories!! I am thinking about starting Lipotrim and really wanted to start asap. Only problem it's my husbands birthday in March and I wanted to know if you had one meal out whilst doing Lipotrim would you ruin your hardwork. I am worried that after eating I may not get back on track after having food! Any advise would be great :sigh:
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it is not advised and depends on your will power . I started in Late october and planned to eat christmas day , which I did , and I found it ok to get back on the waggon and although I gained 2 lb that week , i lost 9lb the following week so it wasnt too bad . It is really uo to you although I know a lot of people find it very difficult to get back on it after a meal ..
If you do start and find the first 4-5 days very hard then it may be harder for you to get back into it once you are out of ketosis again .. I found it pretty easy to slip into ketosis so that may be why I found it easy to get back on ... your choice


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I really wouldn't do it if I were you. If your husband's birthday meal is a big deal, why not wait until after it before you start? Having said that, it's always easy to find an excuse not to start doing something for yourself, but you need to be singleminded.
Once you've started LT you can only expect it to work for you if you commit to it 100%. It is designed to be TOTAL food replacement so one meal would spoil your efforts, and upset the re-training of your taste buds.
Believe me it works brilliantly and it is doable but you need to be strong and REALLY want it!!

Best of luck

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hi, i had a day off for my birthday where i ate loads, got straight back on lt the next and lost 2lbs that week. i dont see anything wrong with having a day off for a special occasion as long as u ur ok with having a lower loss that week and also being knocked out of ketosis.

good luck
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This is the second time i am doing LT. The first time i was doing really well until i decided to have one day off and then that messed it up for me completely. One day turned in to two days. I would restart the monday then by friday i wanted to eat again. You dont realise how easy it is when your in ketosis. Once you knock yourself out of ketosis it is really hard to get back in to it. I just dont think its worth having a day off. However, if you want to start and cant get out of a bday meal for your hubby, then i suggest protien and veg. That way you can stay in ketosis and have the meal? Only if you have to though. I find having any food can make it easier for you to slip. I wouldnt go there again until i have finished as i know the struggle i had once i gave in once!!

Good luck if you do decide to start


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Hi and welcome, as you can see everyone is different but it's up to you as it will be your diet. How good is your willpower? It will need to be iron for you to eat a meal mid diet and then get back on next day.
The first week of this diet is prob the worst, you can get
headaches, stomach cramps, tiredness and lightheaded, that's all down to your body going through withdrawal. Also don't forget you are going to be very hungry.
On day 3-4 (for most people) you should be in ketosis, this is where your body is eating away at your body fat. Bad side effects of ketosis are, bad breath and metal taste in mouth(again for most) but the good side effects are that you should feel less tired and you don't feel as hungry anymore.

So you have to decide if you can go through all that, get into ketosis and want to start all over again from having a birthday meal with your hubby. As said before if you eat any carbs you will def be out of ketosis.
I have also done this and had a day off, i do have iron willpower though and really wanted to lose the weight so getting back on track the very next day was not too bad for me. I am not saying it's ok or easy to do it though as believe me when you taste food again it's very hard to want to go back to just shakes, so really think about it first.

I don't want to say wait till after meal either to start as you could have lost a stone by the time it comes around depending on when in march it is.

Good luck with your decision!
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I agree, it is your weight loss programme and only you can decide. I think as a wife it is much harder to say no to your husband as they take things so personally!

Look at the situation from all angles and make an informed decision from all that is written here.

Good luck! xx
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Many thanks to everyone for all you replies, it's really great that everyone supports you on this forum!
My husbands birthday is in three weeks so I am thinking a will get that out of the way and then start. I don't want to chance spoiling it and I know if I taste food I will find it hard to get back on track!


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My husbands birthday is in three weeks so I am thinking a will get that out of the way and then start. I don't want to chance spoiling it and I know if I taste food I will find it hard to get back on track!
Good idea.

My advice is dont do it. It is only one meal, you can always celebrate early (if you wanted to get started on LT early) or after you have finished your weight loss. Your husband should understand that :)

Good luck with it x

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