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Meal planning.....


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I've been back on SW for the past few weeks, but finding it really hard to stay focused on sticking to plan. So I'm thinking that maybe writing a meal plan for the week would keep me on track. Does anyone else do this, and do you include HEX's and syns ?

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I swear by a meal plan! Every Saturday morning I sit down with my cookbooks and make a plan for what I'll be eating every night, as well as lunches for the weekend, and a shopping list to go with it. (I'm a creature of habit, so I don't really need to plan my breakfast or workday lunches - they're variations on the same thing). It really helps me keep on track, and I find I waste a lot less food than I used to as well.

kerry b

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I dont plan my meals every week but I do much better when i do. I dont "plan" my healthy extras but sometimes they are included in the meal. Give it a try and see what happens


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S: 14st6lb C: 14st2lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 31 Loss: 0st4lb(1.98%)
Thanks so much for replies. I think I'll plan for a week and see how I get on.
I may even post my weekly plan so you guys can give it the once over:)



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i find it helps to plan aswell, and i dont spend as much as i know exactly what i want.


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I also plan my meals, I tend to do it the day before so I can get meats out the freezer and its helping me not pick up the rubbish quick cook food in the freezer! I'd throw it out but I hate the thought of throwing out food even if it is chicken nuggets and a few ready meals that I should not be eating now.

Having read through your posts I think im going to sit down this friday and write my food plan for the following week - esp if it helps keep the food bills down!!

Thank you :)


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I've made up some spreadsheets in OpenOffice as I work shifts on a two week rolling rota so I can fit in family meals/meals I cook at work etc. I have syns calculators too, when I've had a minimal loss I tend to plan everything...even treats lol!


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Yeah I try and plan. Looking at what I've got on and how this affects meal times and preparation/cooking possibilities etc it helps keep me on track. It usually ends up varying a bit but at least I have a rough idea. Also if I know I've got a night out planned say on a Sat it helps to plan the syns I want for it through the week etc
Also looking through sw magazines and cook books to see which lovely recipes I can fit in cooking there's sooooo many to choose from yum yum!

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