I want to be fitter again
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Having bemoaned on here that at 10 stone I am still in size 16 trousers, I decided to take the advice of one of you lovely guys and measured myself. I have lost 3.5" off my bust, 3" off my hips but wait for this. . . a mere half an inch off my waist. what is that all about? i am going to look like an inside out egg timer !!!!!!!!
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Bet you look awesome mate, they are great inch losses! Well done :)


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Our bodies are all different sweetie and we all seem to lose from where we least want to first and where we want to last ;)

If it's any consolation I am in a simiarish situation...if things don't change for me I will look like a triangle very soon, like a Sponge Bob character!

I've lost loads off my thighs and waist and nothing off my top half. I hate my boobs, they got massive in the gain stage and not gone away at all. OH is whooping with joy, I loathe them. I look top heavy and when I was stood looking at self in mirror (in just my smalls) I realised how broad my shoulders now look compared to my hips.

But you know something? It doesn't alter how good we've done does it? Yes we might want to improve things in areas, but we're all losing weight and that's the main thing.

Well done and hope things keep going well for you xxx

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I agree with Sticky on this one...just think how you would be if you hadnt done something about your weight!
I have the same problem but with my bottom half! At the moment, having lost 7 stones, I have gone from a 26 top to a size 14/16, bottom half..28/30 to a size 18...blooming hips!