measuring ya cereals


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Definitely weigh it. For convenience weigh it out before hand and put in separate bags so that in the morning you just have to pick out a bag. This will help avoid the temptation to guesstimate when you're in a rush.


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I weigh, even bought some digital scales especially for the job :D


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Weigh.... stick the bowl on digital scales - can't go wrong that way! If I'm going to stay with friends or family, I'll weigh out a serving and stick it in a plastic bag for the next morning.


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I was guessing to start with and my weight loss slowed down so I bought some digital scales and now im flying along much better!
I used to have Raisen wheats and never measured them, but when i decided to measure them today i could literally have 8 pieces!!
Now i use 5 syns to have honey cheerios and its well worth it


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I always use weigh scales or I eat things that don't need to be weighed .


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Cereal is pretty much the only thing I do weigh. Over time, though, I've found that 28gms is a level ramekin of then ones I use. hth x


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i've weight it now, only a miniscule amount isnt it!! ive got banana to top it up with. now a question... ive got kellogs bran flakes its counted as my healthy extra isnt it and i dont have to syn it do i??