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Green Days Meat as a HE b


Grappling with life
I prefer green days, Extra Easy just doesn't float my boat! But I do like a little meat. i got a piece of Salmon out for my tea and looked up how much I can have as a HE b in my book. It says 57g, is this raw weight or cooked weight?

Thanks for any insight. It mnay have said somewhere in the book and I have missed so will look again but if anyone knows the answer off the top of their head...


Georgina x
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is getting better at it
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just had a look in the book and it does not say i would count it as raw weight, it only gives raw and cooked for meat
maybe someone will come along and know for def if not i could text my consultant for you if need be


Grappling with life
yeah I figured it was prolly raw weight as other wise you'd have to cook and weigh then it might be a lot of waste.

I know its not a lot of salmon though - trust me to pick that out of the freezer this morning. Will have to halve it and have half tomorrow!


Georgina x


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Yes - raw weight.
You get a lot of chicken for your HEB but not so much if you fancy some steak mince.


Grappling with life
Well I had my dinner at about 5.45, done savory rice, 1 pack shared between 3 of us, sweetcorn and a salmon fillet, used a 5 syns plus my he b so I could have the whole thing. An hour and a half later and my belly is rumbling. Why am I so hungry - I am eating til I am full but within 2 hours I am hungry to the point of grumbling tummy. I have drank plenty so its not thirst.

Trying hard not to wobble but I have no syns left and no healthy extras, have already eaten 8 pieces of fruit and had 2 yogurts today.

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Hi there.
One packet of savoury rice feeds one in my house. Well one of me then. Stretching it between 3 is not giving you enough to fill you. Get some SW chips in the oven now before you get so hungry you will eat everything in sight.:D


Grappling with life
Well I had my syn free chips and 4 of DH doritos. Woken up this morning and I feel so belly achy and bloated and rotten. Its weigh in this evening and I expect a gain to be honest. I do believe that food "sits" in you for a while before being processed and the amount I ate yesterday is going to take a while to shift I can tell you.

I also feel a bit bunged up and head coldy so maybe I was "feeding the cold"?

Ahy well, see what weigh in brings and carry on from there.

Thanks all for your support,


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