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I'm a bit confused!@@!

I have a client who has coeliac disease. She has to be really careful with everything that she eats and I advised her that all CD products are gluten free (as the medical conditions and medication sheet advises) She has just phoned me to say she won't be continuing with the diet because she can feel that she has definately had gluten and that it says on the side of the soup box that the Mushroom and Vegetable Soups contain gluten!! I feel really let down by the information I have received from Cambridge because I assured her that all of our products are gluten free. It says so in my Bl**dy training!!

I'm going to speak to Cambridge tomorrow but just wondered if any of my fellow CDC's have an answer?

It's true, she will have a problem with Lactose free Mushroom and Vegetable soup as they do contain gluten. But you could always swap those for her and give her something else. I'm not sure about the Oriental Chilli, but the other soups are gluten free and so is the sweet stuff to the best of my knowledge.

Hopefully she hasn't suffered too badly, and would be willing to continue with the other flavours ???

Technically all the packs reach the Codex Alimentarus standard for gluten free BUT they do still have trace gluten in them.

So most coeliacs are ok with all of the packs but a hyper sensitive person will still react.

The official Cambridge site says this:

'Is the Cambridge Diet suitable for people with coeliac disease?
Yes. Coeliac disease means sufferers cannot tolerate the gluten found in wheat, oats, rye and barley. The Cambridge Diet drinks and bars are all gluten-free.'

So maybe all of the soups are unsuitable and only the sweet flavours are OK for coeliacs.

I'd like some clarification. Let me know how you get on.

Technically all the packs reach the Codex Alimentarus standard for gluten free BUT they do still have trace gluten in them.

So most coeliacs are ok with all of the packs but a hyper sensitive person will still react.


Do you happen to know - if it only mentions the gluten on some flavours, as in the mush and veg, that the others are completely free?
Thanks Mike that explains it.

Debz - I did try to persuade her to try some of the sweet flavours but I think she's made her mind up - she's really on the ball with her gluten allergy and is convinced she hasn't even gone into Ketosis because of this.

I'm still going to speak to Cambridge tomorrow, the training pack is definately misleading.

Thanks again

H x
I will try and clarify for you.

Up until very recently the soups were contraindicated for Coeliacs as they contained gluten.

Then they were okay? However the boxes do indicate they have gluten in them.

As Mike rightly says they are of such a low level they should be okay.

Me being me will not supply soups to anyone with gluten intollerance, sorry 18 years of saying no is hard to break.

Please run this by CD tomorrow.

Anything that is in the shops as gluten free where the gluten has actually been removed will meet the Codex but has to have an element left. I forget but it is so many particles per million etc.

I would call the medical team tomorrow for clarification but I spoke to them at length as my step mother is coeliacs and lost weight on the diet and they explained that she may react slightly but in her case she was absolutely fine.

Also ketosis wouldn't be affected by coeliacs ??? Different thing altogether!

Hi Mike

Too be honest I think my client would have given up CD even if she wasn't coeliac. She's convinced that she's still in starvation mode and not Ketosis because of the gluten content in the few soups I supplied her. I explained that this wouldn't affect Ketosis but she really wasn't happy on CD and there's nothing I can do to convince her.

Once I've had full clarification from Cambridge I'm going to put it in writing to her. I don't want my reputation as a counsellor to be affected.

Thanks everybody, I will let you know the response from Cambridge.
H x

Just a quick update. To be on the safe side, people with gluten allergies cannot have any of the soups or the tetras but are OK with the shakes and bars. The quick medical reference card does say that CD products are gluten free and when I mentioned this to Cambridge they said they would look into having this amended.

Glad to have this matter clarified for future clients My client said she couldn't cope with the sweet flavours and said they had a tinny taste (never heard them described like this before!)

H x
OK so here's me trying to be polite.

There are some people who have actual allergies to the diet and who can't continue. I've come across a few of them myself.

There are others who like to blame the diet in some way for them not being able to continue, yet there is nothing actually wrong with them and the diet isn't causing them any problems, they just can't stick to it for whatever reason. I've come across a few of them too.

Then there's what I call the magic wand brigade. I'm afraid there are many people out there who think that just by walking through my door, they will leave three stone lighter without having to put any effort into it themselves. Oh I've come across so many of those.

I expect you will also encounter each group, and hopefully even more who use the diet put in the effort and lose loads of weight.

If that offends anyone - sorry - but I'm offended by people who make excuses and can't come clean with the fact that the diet is tough and they can't hack it, but instead blame the diet.

Other moderators feel free to delete my post - I've had a bad day, my 5 year old niece has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and is in hospital.