Medicals & Blood tests on a VLCD?

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  1. Kath

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    Hello I have got to have my medicals on Saturday for my Oz Visa. Someone I know was just telling me that when they had theirs their teenage son passed out because he'd only eaten breakfast.

    I am concerned with the number of bloodtests I have to have (3 I think) that this will happen to me.

    I'm also concerned that being in abstinence will someone show some abnormal results in these tests - I have phoned LL and asked them if having tests whilst in abstinence will bring up any abnormalities and she vaguely said no - I didn't really have much confidence in her answer.

    Anyway, my main point - has anyone had blood tests done whilst in abstinence?
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  3. maisie

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    Kath your blood tests will only involve 1 needle being used for the 3 blood tests just different bottles are attached to the needle, so no worries about being jabbed 3 times :D This bit i definately know about as its part of my job:) Have a shake or a bar before you go if your worried about passing out.

    As for the results of said blood tests i cannot comment as i do not know what tests you are having done ...but as we are always told with LL or CD all the vitamins/minerals etc are in the packs so hopefully there should be no detrimental results from your blood tests.

    Hope this helps if only a little bit :D

  4. mags1x

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    If it were me I wouldn't worry, I expect the boy who passed out was perhaps a bit nervous etc as well as only having eaten breakfast!

    I had a 'fasting' blood sugar test since being on lighterlife and the nurse who took the blood knew I was on it, obviously I had had nothing since 10 the night before and I didn't pass out, didn't feel anything untoward and the test was normal.

    They won't take much blood, 3 samples sounds a lot but as Maisie said it'll all be with one needle and it'll only be a small amount all in.

    You'll be fine!

  5. flirty40greeneyes

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    I know you can not give blood whilst on VLCD - do do with blood viscosity - but don't think it will show up anything else. As Maisie says you are getting 100% of RDA of vitamins and minerals.

    Maybe a good idea to have a shake or bar before going so your blood sugar levels don't drop too much and you feel faint.
  6. CW Consultant

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    VLCD's do change the viscosity of the blood so best thing is to take your booklet along so they know exactly the programme you have been following.

    Also ketones will show in your urine and your BP and sugar levels perhaps could be a little on the low side as they naturally reduce on a VLCD.

    So as long as you inform them of everything they won't get any shocks when the results come in.

  7. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

    Cambridge Diet
    Thank you for the answers everyone, I am concerned that some things may show up. I do not want to tell them I'm on a VLCD - not that I think they will listen. I am not even allowed to see the results, they are sent straight to the Department of Immigration in Australia and if your meds are ok then they grant your visa - if they're not they send you for further tests, at your own expense.

    These medicals are costing me a lot of money as it is and I'm worried about being sent for extra tests just because I'm on a VLCD.

    Argh I don't know what to do!

    These medicals were the main reason for doing this diet in the first place.
  8. Kath

    Kath Water water everywhere

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    Just to add, as some of you have mentioned - I've just found on the internet that being on sole source does alter the viscosity and volume of your blood.

    I'm not sure what this would mean in blood tests but on a Cambridge website I was reading it says that if you are to give blood you must come off the diet a week before and stay off it for a further week after.

    What bothers me is that the LL medical people said it wouldn't make any difference when clearly it does!

    If these show up abnormal results on Saturday because they misinformed me I shall be absolutely furious.

    Sorry I'm ranting! I'm off for my weigh in tonight and I'm going to tell my LLC that I shall be eating for a few days to try and get my blood to be normal. Just hope I'm not too late as there's only a couple of days left :sigh:
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