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Medication question


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Hmm... I wouldn't know hunny, sorry... :(

But even if you're not, it's more important to take it and get yourself better...

I would have thought all medication was allowed, its not likke its optional you know? x


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Take the medication clear the problem up then focus on your weight. I know its easy for me to say, but without your health you have nothing. x
Yes it's completely fine. I had to have a course of antibiotics while on total abstinence and it didn't affect me at all (apart from make me better!!)


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Well I have just finished a course of penicillin after a nasty tonsillitis that wouldn't go away but I have been advised to come off the program for a while to gain some strength. I was off the plan for 3 days and I must say I felt an immediate improvement but maybe that's just me.
Hope you feel better soon x

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It shouldn't make any difference to your diet. If can stick with the packs it's the best option as it gets tougher to get back on them every time! There's no reason why you should have to eat anything because you're takin penicilin


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Funny I've been told the opposite by the doc. At the end of the day it's up to us and listening to our body is the best advise.

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I'm just talking from experience that those people who felt they had to eat because were unwell or taking medication really struggled to get back onto the packs. I had a couple of bouts of illness that required antibiotics when I did LL and never ate anything and got better pretty quickly. Everyone's body reacts differently though so it's a personal choice but you don't HAVE to come off packs to get better. Sometimes it's actually better to be on packs as you're getting all the vitamins and minerals you need

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