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How do things like antibiotics or bongela affect the CD? Might seem like a silly question, but at the moment I am suffering huge amounts of pain in my gums/teeth that the dentist is unable to diagnose. I am concerned that using antiseptics such as bongela and antibiotics would slow down weight loss. I would rather suffer in pain than slow the process down.

I am so keen to start that I am contemplating a journey of an hour to get my packs a day earlier. I want to be able to use Friday as a weigh in day, so ideally want to be starting first thing on Friday morning. Is this a bit too demanding do you think?
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I would be keen to know the answer to this also Just been prescibed antiboctics for a tooth infection hope it doesnt effect anything?!


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I have Trigeminal neuralgia - and have been prescribed Naproxen for it (500mg x2 a day). I hope it doesnt affect the CD i am about to start.


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Hiya, Pain killers and antibiotics dont generally have sugar in them so I really wouldnt worry about that. Unless you are going to have them in a syrup.

Im not sure what bongella has in it, just check on the package to see if it has any added sugar, eg, sucrose, maltose anything like that. If so dont use it, but if not it wont cause any problems.

Hope the neuralgia gets better soon, poor you! x


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I had a course of antibiotics recently and it didn't affect me at all. Best thing to do is check the leaflet that comes with them as you may need to take them with food. Can't help with the bonjela though but hope you feel better soon...


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This is the fourth night in a row I have had trouble sleeping. I keep waking up with the pain. :( Went to see the new Angels and Demons this evening, managed to fall asleep in the cinema for half an hour! I really dont like pain - I dont like being off work, but at the moment I got no energy due to no sleep!!


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I've got a feeling that Bonjela might have sucrose in it - have you tried Anbesol (liquid anaesthetic)? I find it brilliant for mouth and gum sores.

You sound like you need some industrial painkillers whilst this is going on - I know that things like paracetamol and ibuprofen are OK on CD, but you would probably have to ask about codeine-based drugs as they might upset your tummy. (400mg Ibuprofen normally works for my pain, but everyone's different. :eek:)


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I got prescribed some 500mg Naproxin. It isnt touching the pain - I have been taking cocodamols whilst on this (as doctor said it would be ok) and even this combination isnt touching it. Although it is giving me headaches, making me feel sick and rather spaced out! lol I have never felt so much pain for such a period of time, even fracturing my coccyx was less painful than this!

I just dont want any of the painkillers to interfer with the CD. Maybe I should speak to the CDC tonight and find out.

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