Meeting Cambridge Counseller on Tuesday - advice please

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  1. Beckyboo222

    Beckyboo222 Member

    Hello everyone.

    I did Cambridge many years ago and lost two stones, then tried WW to get rid of the rest but the slow results meant that I just gave up ......

    Well am back meeting a new counseller on Tuesday eve and am planning to start on Thursday but am not sure if to stick with the shakes and milk (I cannot live without milk in tea) or to have the extra small amount of protein and veg as well...

    I work long hours and know the little meal will be something to look forwards to but then don't want my losses slowed down or that the introduction of a little food throws me off the plan....hmmm not sure what is best:confused:

    Any advice how to get through the first few days also very welcome please :)
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  3. Chlo

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    I did SS a few years back and lost 6 stone, I tried and tried to get back on it but just never managed. This time round I am doing 810 and so far so good, the losses are as good and the fact I get a meal keeps me on the straight and narrow. I can't believe I didn't do 810 last time round.

    Good luck. Keep busy and keep drinking is the way to get through the first few days, from then on it is easy peasy (ish)
  4. Beckyboo222

    Beckyboo222 Member

    Thanks Chlo.

    I am thinking that the food option may keep me motivated to keep going and make it manageable as evenings as the hardest for me.

    I am off to stock up on fizzy water and will start drinking lots today.

    Summer is coming and I need to shift some of this weight - I know Cambridge worked well for me before so shall get back on the plan..
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