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Meetings, Online or Self


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Hi and welcome to the WW section

There are ladies who have done it all ways. I've tried all 3 but found on line to be the least favourite. To be honest if you have the motivation you can do it anyway but classes for say 6 weeks until you collect all the books etc give you a great start and there is always your leader to ask. .

If you do go it alone there is always someone here ready to help.

Good luck

Of all the methods I think I am going to attempt to do it alone. I purchased a discover pack from ebay that had the booklets from the first 6 meetings. I have had a quick look through and am going to start with the Fast Start 7 day plan and see how I get on.

I am going to start tomorrow!
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Hello, I've always done it myself and also got my books and things off eBay.never been to a meeting but do relyon coming on here for support and feel that I wouldn't be as focused if I didn't.

The points take a few days to get your head round but just take yourbooks everywhere and get a point calculator.

Goodluck x
i went to a meeting for the first time on thursday and feel i do need someone else to weigh me or i know ill just go off track, however i dont think ill stay to class every week as i didnt learn an awful lot and i didnt get home til about 8:15pm and thats a long day when ive been at work all day... good luck with which ever way you do it hun x


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I'm doing it at home with the books. I have done the classes a few times, and I really hated them. Not my cup of tea one bit. You've got to find which way is right for you
Hiya,welcome and good luck with your weightloss journey..
I went to class every week until i got to goal as i really do enjoy the social side of it..(still go to keep me on track mind but not every week :eek:)
I do think it depends on the leader too,i have a brilliant one and our class is always busy.
Good luck and yeh defo keep coming on here for help,advise and of course the fabbi peeps. :):):)
Hey :)

I've tried all three, this is my second attempt at classes. I found that the first class I tried, the consultant wasn't right for me, she was all about rush-rush-rush and when you're nervous or whatever, being pushed about like that doesn't help much!

This time, my consultant spoke to me like a human, we had a giggle, and I stayed to class. She included me in the group and I felt at home... Mind, I haven't been back yet, that's tomorrow night..! We'll see how I get on then!!!

I prefer the support to the online one to be honest.



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hey and welcome. I'm doing it at home with books from ebay. I'm lucky though i have a couple of people close by who are also doing it. The beauty of it is that once you are started it is really easy to follow with the points etc and you find yourself just knowing the points for things so you aren't constantly looking things up. Good luck with your journey and if you need anything just ask :) xxx

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