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I have a monthly pass for WW but since the New Year my leader has changed, now it's an older man.
I lost weight with WW almost 7yrs ago after my daughter was born. 3 mor babies later and baby4 is just over 1yr and I don't weigh any less than I did just before she was born :(
I joined WW in November when PP was launched, but I've never got back into it.

So now with a holiday in US at the end of February and yet another "are you expecting" I really need to get myself into action.

So does doing WW online work? Should I go back to my original leader? I can't make the local Saturday class, but could make her other class a drive away.
OR doing I try calorie counting, and give up on PP.

Or just stop baking cakes, eating cakes, thinking about cakes :)

What should I do, help please.
I have just over 2 stone to lose to get to goal, but at 5' 2" even 7lbs would make a difference for my holiday.

Now off to eat brownies :)
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Well... definitely start out by cutting out the cakes and pastries!

I'm ignorant about the other diets and such, but I'd recommend doing what you are most comfortable with that will help you lose weight.


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I only know of the Discovery ww plan - and I have to say I've done the whole thing from home. I've never felt so determined to stick to a diet plan before in my life, so doing it from home has / is working for me. If you were happy with doing the ww you did 7 years ago, and you think you could do it, then doing it from home is easy enough - there are so many resources available online and the online calculators are a blessing.

But the PP plan is suppose to be healthier because it takes into account other nutritional info on a product rather than just the calories and sat fat.

It's really up to you - but it can work from home and online only, but only if you feel you have the kick start motivation you need to not cheat :)


Thanks Tuppers,
I really want to do WW but was worried I wouldn't manage just doing it at home, so it's great to here that you doing it that way.
I downloaded the PP app and that has helped , if only seeing how much extra I've eaten!

I think the key here is that what ever I decide I have to give it 100% or at least not cheat ;)

Let's see how I feel tomorrow - a little bit lighter as I didn't eat the brownies :)


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I am doing the ww pro points from home with support from a few people at work who are going to meetings.

To tell u the truth, I think the support I have received from ppl on here has been great and much more than I could have got from a meeting once a week.

With the support from ppl on here u will be great and loose a good amount by the time you go away for a FAB hol...

Love n stuff
J x


Thanks J4N3Y
I was sure online was the way for me to go but speaking to a friend last night made me worried. She said if I wasn't doing it 100% with my monthly pass I'd be worse online :(
But I think half the battle for me is finding time to prepare. With 4 kids I'm finding that difficult!
I was looking at trying something new like calorie counting. But at 5'2" I'd only get 1300 which didn't seem alot. I think I'd be able to eat more and better on WW