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Hey all..

Ive just seen the free meeting in the paper & Just wondered whether its worth me going or doing it at home again.

I have 9 lbs to lose, i lost 21 lbs without going to the meetings last year, but i lack motivation this time round, im finding it hard to get back in the swing of things :(

I have all the books and the calculator

Is it worth going with 9 lbs to lose? also how much are the meetings.. x x
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Meetings are £5.99 a week, and tbh I would go! As soon as you loose that 9lb you'll become a gold member and then meetings are free! :) plus it will give you the motivation you need :) good luck with whatever you decide!
They're free if you get to goal? oh how cool. Is there a certain amount of time you have to go for? x
When your a gold member (at goal) your BMI has to be between 20 and 25, you have to weigh in at least 5 times a year at any meeting and you can only go 5lbs over goal otherwise you have to pay again, I think that's all the criteria, I always wondered if it was the same for online people too.
Yeah, thats what I thought, but they have to have something, surely? Even if you have to go back to meeting or something to get gold. When I get to near my goal im going to e-mail WW to ask, if not I guess i'll have to switch to calorie counting to maintain...eek!
I suppose maybe the thing to do is join a meeting just before you get to goal. Though personally I don't think I would mind carrying on paying the ten a month because I think for what you get its worth it and I can't really be bothered with meetings. But I'll cross that bridge then - got a while to go yet lol
Hmmm... im not too sure whats going on with my body, but 1st weigh in today and ive GAINED 1lb.. whats the all about? i stuck to it properly.. went 11 into my weeklies.. could that be why? :( x
Hmm, It could be a mixture of things, I try and eat all my 49 weeklies every week. Maybe try that next week and see what happens? What about exercise? Have you been eating a lot of carbs?
Looking at my track book, i seem to have been eating a fair few carbs.. hmm thats probably why. I have been walking for about 20 mins each day but thats it.. im going to see how i get on this week. I lost every week with the old points this time last year so if pro points isnt for me i'll just go back to that. Thanks x
you have free meetings when you're a gold member, but you need to always pay for esource You only pay £6.25 per month though, or £15 every 3 months, rather than paying for the monthly pass £19.99 a month.

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