Mega pig out....OMG.......please help


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I am so disapointed in myself and cannot seem to pick myself up. Over the last thre days i have eaten ..............
approx 12 packets of crisps
18 mini chocolate rolls
half chicken tikka masala and chips and saag aloo
4 roast potatos (off sons plate)
handful of loose sweets left over from haloween
and probably a few more bits that i have forgotten.
I didnt really enjoy any of it and i am fine each day up until about 7pm then i just cant cope.
I have been on ss since july and lost 3 stone (1.5 stone to go) but for the last month have just been messing about by eating a little here and there but had stayed the same weight until wednesday, now i have put on 5lbs in 3 days.
i keep coming on here to look and read the inspirational threads and i know i am not hungry and that it is just boredom. I do go and try to read a book, (have finished 2 in the last week), am trying to keep occupied but the devil inside keeps coming out.
I believe its a case of 'if noone sees me eating it then it doesnt count'......i go in the kitchen while family watching evening soaps
I have made a decision not to buy crisps and choc this week to see if it helps. i dont want meals i just want BAD things!
Have i got complacent because i am thinner now than i have been for about 8 years? i like the way i look now and have gone from a size 20/22 to a comfortable 14, i am 5'7 tall.
How can i get out of this vicious circle. i dont want to put it back on

PLease help
Hi again lynjo,
Sounds like you need to draw a line under what has happened and start afresh. Plan some things to do for that time in the day such as face mask, polish nails, bubble bath, anything in fact which would mean eating is impossible.

I completely understand from my own past experience that it is sooo hard to go back to ss once you have eaten.However if you don't sort this out now you will end up gaining far more than 5lbs and then all your previous hard work wil have been wasted. I spent 6 weeks of my time not eating earlier this year only to stop and regain it all and then some. What a waste of those 6 weeks - I may as well have just eaten my way through them!

Would imagine that your gain is mostly(if not all)glycogen and should come off really quickly when you are back on track.
This wasn't intended as a lecture and I'm sorry if it comes over that way. You have done so very well so far - have you got any photos to help you recognise your acheivements so far? 6-8 weeks SS and you will be at target!!!:)
Hi Natpot.
Thanks for that.
I do know what i should be doing and have got lots of inspirational and motivational sheets printed out to keep looking at. I think i will make the print bigger on them!!!! i have just had my 1st shake of the day and so far so good, today so far i am focused but will try my hardest to keep focused. In your post you put '6-8wks and you should be at target if on ss'. this got me thinking and yes i could be there for xmas. that woke me up. thanks for that

will let you know how i do

PS. where abouts in hants are you. im in hants too
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I had this problem too................

Hi lynjo,
Are you ssing? when i had this problem, i started having my
1st shake at 12.30
2nd shake at 6pm ish
3rd shake between 9 - 10pm
I then didn't feel i was missing out in the evening, which is my worst time for wanting to pick at things, this really helped me, Maybe this would work for you too;)

Good luck
I starting SSing in June this year and stopped yesterday and moved to WW.
I never actually broke the diet other than on my birthday but I felt that I had reached the end of my personal lifespan on SS.
I still need to lose around 3 stone but am going to do it slowly on a plan I can follow for life.
I just wanted to let you know you are not alone and I am sure we all know how hard SSing can be especially after quite a while on the plan
Hi, I think you've done amazingly well to lose so much. I don't know how you spread out your meals but I try to keep a quarter of a bar to have in tiny slivers through the evening, it gives me a boost when I need it.

Are you comfortable with cooking while on the diet? I've been spending a fair amount of time cooking things for freezing, I just love the smell of it and being around food is nearly as good as eating it. Another thing that could keep you occupied is making your future eating plans, deciding how you are going to eat when you have achieved your goal weight, searching for recipes on the net etc. Or if you want non-food activities there's always looking for clothes on the net, what are you going to treat yourself to when you've reached target.

I find things that get me out of the house are always good to stop me nibbling, as long as they don't end with a trip to the pub or take-away!
If you beat yourself up about this you are just going to eat more and more. Look how well you have done so far and then tell yourself you want to go back to your old ways ..... but do you, just think of all that wasted effort? If it’s that bad go to your kitchen now and throw everything away that you should never have, make a very clear statement to yourself. Don’t forget that these diets are hard work and take a great deal of will power, I believe that everyone needs to let go now and again to stay sane e.g. every 7lb I loose I have a meal (a sensible one) but every 14lb / stone I loose I have a not so sensible meal i.e. a curry and a couple of beers, and before everyone starts on about spoiling the diet I have been on this 6 weeks now and I've gone from 19.7st to smack up 16st 13 this morning. If your going to break it then plan it, don’t feel guilty then get back on it. DO NOT EAT FOR THE SAKE OF EATING; EAT TO ENJOY IT WITH A FEW FRIENDS OR WHATEVER. Anyone can do this but you have to get your head round it, look at your target and go for it.

Anyone that comes on here and says they find it easy (and I cant find anyone by the way) is kidding themselves. Any way got to go now on this nice fresh Sunday morning in the UK and get some breakfast. Lets see bacon, sausage, fried bread, beans ha ha ha ha I don’t think so a choco mint shake and a nice long walk. No more treats until 16stone.

My targets by the way are 16stone for Christmas, 15stone for Easter, and then 14stone for July 21st when I fly off to the US for a three week holiday on the west coast with my family and a couple of friends. My target is actually 14st 7lbs but I thought get 7lb below for a few USA racks of ribs ………… it will be like heaven with the gates shut LOL

Good Luck ...... YOU CAN DO IT
Hi Lynjo, I am in Basingstoke, whereabouts are you?
Lynjo hun well done 2 u for your weight loss already u should be very proud of yourself.
Hun so many peeps have the same prob when they get to their last stone and say exactly what u have been saying.
Maybe u need to take some time our 2 re think your situation.
Have u considered changing to the 790 plan you could still get to goal by christmas.At least with the 790 plan you would be in total control of your food intake and still having very good weight losses and be in ketosis so when 7 pm comes u can have your meal instead of picking on food that makes u feel guilty after.

The best present u coukd give 2 yourself would be getting 2 goal for christmas and starting the new year feeling happy and contented that you achieved so much.

Hope u have a good day, take care and pls dont be so hard on yourself xx
Hi Hun,
U've done amazingly well soo far - well done on ur achievements.
U had a blip - so what??? Put it into perspective, u say u ate those food over the last few days; pre VLCD, would u have eaten more than that?
Everyone gets to a point when ssing when they've had enuff, so maybe its ur time - what not try another plan like the 790 or 1000cal - u don't have much more to lose, and so losing it slowly would maybe be more beneficial for u as u'll be in control of what u're eating?
The great thing is u acknowledge what happened and that u don't want to gain the weight u've lost - thats great, it's when u wake up one morning and it's all back on thats the worrying thing (speaking from experience here lo!!l).
U're not a failure, stop telling urself u are - u've done brilliantly!
Let us know how u are hun.

Much love, chelle xx