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Today, walking out of a test I knew had gone badly I was about to head directly to the supermarket when I realised that instead I could come home and rant here instead.
Self control thanks to minimins= 1
Binge reflex= 0.

So, have decided to keep online diary of ups and downs, give myself a space to have a bit of a rant (I hope this is an ok place to do this as am still very much a newbie here) and examine the emotions and events that lead me to get a bit (hmmm ok alot) out of control when it comes to food. I use it as a distraction, a pick-me-up, a friend, an enemy, a constant that I can control - yet it controls me! Thats why I've come back to weight watchers. I want a healthy relationship with food! Other times when I diet I become afraid of it - so I either binge or eat nothing except 'healthy' foods, terrified that one tast of a fry or piece of chocolate is going to send me into a frenzy of overeating, which, inevitably, it would.

So here I am, 21, studying at Uni, and making another fresh start in order to find some zen when it comes to food and exercise. I know its going to be tough and that there is no magic bullet or 3-wish genie (unless anyones got his number?????)- but I feel like minimins is really going to make a difference this time. The tough times I find are when I look at how long it will take till I look the way I want, or not seeing a difference on the scales when I feel there damn well should be, or having a slipup and feeling like I may as well go all out. But now I can come here and know that there are sooo many others out there going through exactly the same struggles and setbacks and still achieving their dreams.

Song for the week: Lean on Me :D

And to make this a legit weightloss diary-
Week 1: -4lbs
Week 2: umm haven't really settled on weigh in day so kinda putting it off but will do soon
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Feeling good today. Supermarket trip = apples, bananas and kiwifruit on special. Have discovered curlywurlys (in foreign foods aisle as apparently not native to NZ hehe), they are much better than so many other kinds of treats as the caramel is so chewy it takes me 3x as long to eat and thus feel like I'm getting more value for points :).

Will finally be getting to set up the cross-trainer I bought on TradeMe (NZ auction site). Its going to make my room look rather small but I hope will be really good for the winter days (which already seem to have set in here) when I have even less motivation than usual to put on some sneakers and head outside. Exercise front seems to be advancing nicely as I also went along to local Zumba class last night with a friend. Have not sweated that much in the looooongest time!!! Was nice that there were a girls of all shapes and sizes so wasn't intimidating at all. Will try to start going along 2x a week. It doesn't feel so much like forced excercise when the music is pumped that loud and you have to laugh every few minutes because the instructor just does not seem to be stopping!

Have determined will weigh myself tomorrow in order to keep the weekend in the middle of the week.


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Well done on the week 1 loss and good luck for the next one. Minimins is a great space so I hope you find it helps. xx

This is definately a great place to come instead of binging! I often find it's like therapy when I come on here and put down for others to see what I've eaten each day...almost like therapy!

Good luck with your cross trainer this week and good luck with WI x


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Thanks Karen! So far has been great and you're right Calorie crusader - it totally is a kind of therapy. For example I am finding it highly therapeutic to complain about the fact that I came home last night to find that once again a flatmate has produced a meal with not a vegetable in sight. I swear they appear incapable/repulsed by cooking anything that isn't white, brown or comes canned. Argh! Yet they will eat their veges when I cook. So I'm going to assume laziness. Grrr. Tonight is my turn, am doing roast with lots of veg (and not just starchy kind) hope it makes them feel guilty... unlikely. Best solution would be to attempt to talk to them - I am a bit of a coward that way though. They are all so skinny it makes me feel awkward talking anything about nutrition to them, but I'll have to do something to stop the endless cycle of nachoes, shephards pie, lasagne and curried something on rice. I'm going to snap if I keep having to spend my hard-saved/earned points on eating a normal portion of dinner! Especially when they insist on doing the serving up for everyone.
(Just to mention- last night I pretended that I had had lots at a meeting I was at so wasn't hungry, then snuck a bread roll and a carrot up to my room to munch. Not ideal but made me feel much more in control, plus meant I could have a bit of low fat icecream for dessert :)

But on to happier things. 25mins on the new cross-trainer this morning, only a few squeaks but i was feeling that my flatmate next door deserved a bit of payback for dinner. I'm not normally so vindictive I swear! Winter feels like it's truly arrived in NZ, and I'm down in the South so x5. Think I will make some of the excellent weightwatchers 0 point soup this arvo and freeze for lunches next week. I really spend so much time thinking about food!

I weighed myself today as I said I would.
Am down .8kg/1.7lbs :) Not a bad effort, deserving of one smilie face, though I admittedly weighed myself in the morning so perhaps not a true representation...
Hope the next few weeks will show a bit more loss with the increase in exercise, and want to make sure I'm on track for the May challenge I signed up for. Aiming for 8lbs loss for May. Nearly a 1/4 of the way there then! Time to update the ticker!


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Ooooh scratch that! Calculations gone a little funky due to my attempts at converting from kg and rounding funny last week. Works out at around 2lbs so am going to claim that!
starting off too

Hi . I just started again !!! too with weightwatchers this week so maybe we can support each other. I am from Ireland age 46 with too teenage kids (17 girl,15 boy) got to goal before and held it for 6 years than had some health problems and guess what im back where i started :sigh: . BUT back again and am determined to loose again or my doctor will kick my ass (good incentive) . my weigh in day is tuesday so watch this space. not sure of these pro points yet .seem to have so many (used of old system ) but we will see :D


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Hi! 6yrs maintenance! Sounds like I could learn a lot from you, I tend to get near goal but never hold on for that long, clearly you know what it takes so I'm sure you will get there again no matter what gets put in your way ;).

Propoints is great - LOVE the free fruit, and the not being able to save between days (I used to cheat like that all the time). The things I'm finding I have to watch out for is that they don't do half points anymore so sometimes 3 of something can be double that of 2. And some foods that used to be low in points on old ww now seem too high to be worth it. Confusion! But we'll get there I'm sure.

Hope you have a great start to your first week :)
well done on your 2lbs, nice one!! x


Serial Foodie!
congrats on the 2lb xxx


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Have been battling last couple of days to stay on track. Haven't had big blowout and haven't eaten more than can be accounted for by exercise points but feel like I'm teetering... hanging in there, hanging in there, hanging in there. Cravings I think stem from having couple of days with though pattern of "what have I done to myself", "I can't stand looking like this" and topping it off "losing weight isn't doing anything". Have managed to restrict urge to eat everything with fruit, and have not scoffed everything in the cupboard which I would ordinarily do. Also focusing on the positive have been for 2 runs in 3 days, used x-trainer and zumba again tomorrow, and survived a movie session with a friend + 'treats'.
Hang in there girl !! . sometime what works for me is saying to myself "do I really want that food or do I want to fit in to my size 14 dress (for example) . Just by stopping for one minute and reasoning it out in my mind and reminding myself of my goal helps . Then distract myself go walk,get glass of water,go online, read a magazine anything!!!! and you are through to next meal .


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Thanks MW,
you're totally right. I would much rather fit a smaller size of jean! Just find it difficult to remember at the time... But was a better day today, like you said - more distraction got me between meals.
Am feeling back on track and looking forward to weigh in on thurs having managed to keep the troll under control! :)

Have just learned that a friend is having a byo for her birthday at Velvetburger - an AMAZING burger joint with the best fries and aioli in town. Everyones expected to do $22 deal which gives you burger of your choice (they are all enormous and delicious), fries, aioli and drink. They're not mainstream enough to be in WW books and don't have nutritional values on their website....
Anyone got any ideas???
Hey, how about keeping all your weeklies for that day . maybe ordering burger (without mayo) and dont eat bun(just burger and salad). eat half the fries(bet others wont finish theres) and (alioli??? I dont know what this is .. dont think we have it here. :eek:. diet drink.


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Thanks those are good ideas. Will definitely be ordering any mayo etc on side but as i don't think we'll be sitting down with knives and forks may be hard to eat burger without bun. Am thinking I will give hand my fries down to someone else- the boys are always hungry.
Aioli is kinda like garlic-y mayonaise except a million times more delicious, intense amount of eggs and oil so I'm thinking best to avoid its deliciousness altogether as I'm not sure how to count it and its bound to be super high. Yup, diet soft drink it is - they will likely only have diet coke which is frustrating but will have to do.
I will try and save up some exercise points too then will be able to really enjoy my burger :)
ooh the sound of that burger joint sounds fabulous! I agree that you can have one and enjoy it if you save the points. I'm with you on the alioli...yum yum yum!! Reminds me of going my holidays...baguettes, ham cheese and alioli :) yup and I wonder why I'm now doing wws ha!!

Hope you're still hanging on in there! x
Haha thanks, yum those baguettes do sound good... few pinches to remind ourselves we're not on holiday?
I am hanging in there, well, yesterday was good. This arvo not so much. Thus I find myself with 4pp left after ghastly arvo snacking and hiding in my room not wanting to know what fat-laden meal without veges a flatmate will have reliably cooked up. Current plan- continue to hide. Plan B... not yet formulated.

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