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Oh dear, you really do have my sympathy. But it will probably balance out next week if you stick at it... Maybe this time you've been a bit constipated, or something? I know that has affected my WI before.
I had a similar problem last week. Looking back I didn't syn my chinese as well as I should have but I didn't think I went over my weekly syn allowance and I gained. I could so easily go mad this week but my DH has been very encouraging and I have so far resisted.

Good luck for this week, positive thoughts being sent:thinking2:
Well done for resisting!! :D

It's been a hard week for me this week. I've been really unwell and one day was a complete non-SW day because my Mum took me out for lunch and to the cinema and we both went a little food mad :eek: So I know this week will at the very least be a 'stayed the same'. I dunno if I should even bother getting weighed this week?!
BUT, I'm determined to keep going and I'm gonna keep trying to get it right. It's gonna be hard though as my Mum lasted one day on SW and my Sister seems to have given up now. So there are lots of biscuits and naughty temptations always around the house *sigh*
Wish me luck guys, I'm gonna need it!



Mad old Bat with Attitude
GO AND GET WEIGHED! Trust me! If you don't you'll not do as well! The important thing is to draw a line and keep going, and it WILL come off. Try to think in the long term, even small losses will mount up, and come Xmas you'll be glad you stuck with it!
You have my sympathy vote! Fingers crossed for next week!


I ♥ Slimming World :)
It's always so frustrating when you STS or put on, but think of it in a more positive way : If you hadn't been good 100% of the week, how much WOULD you have put on?!?

Some weeks I think the diet Gods just like to test our resolve and focus, and even though your weight hasn't dropped at all, you can bet your health, fitness and size have improved even if you can't see it.

Plus of course weight is such a variable thing anyway, it can go up and down a few pounds for seemingly no reason at all.

I'm certain that if you stick to plan you will lose it again next week :)
Never mind, if you know you have been good then it isn't going to be fat you have put on, more likely water, and that goes as quick as it comes. Stick with it this week 100% and you will be rewarded next week.
Thanks for all your replies guys :) I've been very good this week and been completely 100%. No pesky eating out or anything ;)
I didn't get weighed at the end of last week in the end. I just didn't get round to it because I wasn't going to the shops where I usually get weighed. This week definitely tho :D

Thanks again for all your encouragement.xx
*throws every ounce of sympathy i have!*

Oh sweetie, this happened to me a few weeks back and i honestly don't think i could even tell you why now.. but its just one of those things, and as its been said.. i expect it'l sort itself and balance itself next week.

((hugs)) Don't let it get you down xxxx

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