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Mel1981's food diary!

3rd Sep 09

Am following the extra easy plan

Breakfast - N/A as I didnt get up until late

Lunch - 6 slices of ham & scrambled egg

Dinner - SW Chilli Con Carne, baked beans on top of a jacket potato
{change of plan dinner wise, just got back from shopping so i'm having a Beef Chow Mein 8.5 syns & a hartleys jelly 5 syns}

Snacks - 1 apple and 1 ww peach yogurt, 1 hi fi bar taken as my hexB

Total syns for today = 13.5
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Dont forget to eat more fruit and veg Hun....you should never have to feel hungry on this plan!!
Hi Mrs V, thankyou .. have been eating lots of fruit and veg too :)

Food diary for 4th September:

Breakfast - Didnt have any as went for cycle ride and early swim before I got too lazy and didnt go, lol!

Lunch - Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato with 2 cheese light slices {HexA} in 2 slices of wholemeal bread {HexB}

Dinner - SW Chilli, baked beans on jacket potato, jelly 0.5 syns

Snacks - Yoghurt, apple, banana, snak a jacks 3.5 syns

Total syns = 4

Food diary 5th September

Breakfast - Yoghurt, apple and banana

Lunch - Sausage {syn free}, bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes all cooked in fry light, no fat. Choc and vanilla mullerlight 2 syns

Dinner - As been to birthday party and home late having another chinese .... Special fried rice 9.5 syns and yoghurt for pud

Snack - Just a hi fi bar taken as my HexB

Total syns - 11.5
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Food diary 6th Sep 09

Breakfast - 2 weetabix {7 syns} topped with banana, 200ml semi skimmed milk from my HexA allowance

Lunch - Tomato mugshot pasta {not sure if syn or not yet}, bacon sandwich-wholemeal bread HexB, 1 tsp low fat marg {1 syn}, ww raspberry yogurt

Dinner - Pork & turkey burgers from SW original book, sw chips and salad {2 syns for 1 tbsp low fat salad cream & 1 tbsp bbq sauce

Total syns - 10
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It's not with the other cereal it's in a small section near that with something like quick ideas or fast options. Can't remeber exactly but it's cos you don't have to weigh it so it's quicker to do. Sorry about explanation, not very good. x
I found it thankyou so much,the explanation was fab! I'm taking it as syns today now though as just had some wholemeal bread, lol
Food diary 7th Sep 09

Breakfast - 2 weetabix {HexB} topped with banana with 200ml semi skimmed milk {HexA}.

Mid-morning - Ham, pepper & tomato pasta {5yns for mayo}

Lunch - Succumbed and had a chicken & bacon deli from mcdonalds {waiting to find out syn value, way too many I know though - just found it 18.5 syns :(} Cherry mullerlight

Dinner - Chopped gammon, tinned tomatoes, mushrooms, sweetcorn, garlic, mixed herbs and paprika with baked potato

Total Syns - Too many = 23.5 :(
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Food Diary 8th Sep 09

Ok so was really disappointed with myself yesterday after having way too many syns so today i'm back on track

Breakfast - Shape feel fuller for longer yogurt, banana & apple.

Lunch - Ham & cheese {3babybel light HexA} omelette & baked beans {1 syn for splash of milk}

Dinner - 3 sausages {3 syns - asda reduced fat} mash, carrots, cauliflower & green beans with gravy {2.5syns}

Total Syns - 6.5

Ok so I went out last night and as there was no diet drink thought I would have lime & soda, ugh 3 syns so adding a further 6 syns to total, before I looked it up though i'd had some snack a jacks another 3.5 syns so in all todays syns................
Total = 17
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Food diary 9.09.09

Breakfast - Half galia melon and shape feel fuller for longer yogurt

Lunch - Cheese, ham & tomato sandwich {using HexA & B} Jelly 5 syns

Dinner - Chicken & potato curry {sw curry sauce recipe} & Rice

Snacks - Malteser dessert 5.5 syns

Total Syns = 10.5
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Food diary 10.09.09

Breakfast - Didn't have anything as felt a little sick when I woke up

Lunch - Cheese & broccoli pasta n sauce {0.5 syn} Peach

Dinner - Jacket potato with tuna & cheese {HexA} 3 syns for low fat salad cream, Jelly 5 syns

Snack - 2 scan bran ferrero roche {2 syns}, hi fi bar {HexB}

Total Syns = 10.5
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Food diary 11.09.09

Breakfast - 2 yogurt scones {6 syns} and rest of yogurt from making them

Lunch - Ham, cheese & tomato sandwich {1 syn for low fat marg} Snack a jacks {3.5syns} {HexA & HexB taken}

Dinner - Syn free sausages, egg and sw chips {2 syns BBQ sauce}

Snack - Peach, Mugshot tomato pasta
Ok been feeling really poorly today and need some choc so having a snacksize bag of maltesers {5.5 syns} Crisps {9syns :(}

Total syns = 27
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Food diary 12.09.09

Breakfast - Bacon & brown sauce butty {1 syn for sauce} {HexB taken}

Lunch - Was in swimming pool, lol

Dinner - SW Cheeseburgers {HexA taken}{3 syns for mince, 2 syns for 2 tbsp BBQ sauce}, Chips & Salad, No added sugar Jelly {0.5syns}

Hot chocolate - 4 syns

Total Syns = 10.5
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Food diary 13.09.09

Lunch - Omelette and Beans

Dinner - SW Burgers{3syns}, Chips & Salad
{OH wants these again as they were so yummy yesterday, lol} {HexA taken} as cheese in burgers, 2syns for BBQ sauce

Snack - 1 and a half scones 4.5 syns {niece ate other half lol} apple, hifi bar {HexB}

Total Syns = 9.5
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Food diary 15.09.09

Breakfast - Apple & Banana

Lunch - Sweet & Sour Noodle Mugshot 2 WW Bread {HexB}{1syn for marg}, Yogurt

Dinner - Sausages{3syns} Swede and Carrot Mash, Roast Potatoes and Cauliflower & Gravy {2.5syns}

Snacks - 400g turkey ham {4syns} hifi bar{6 syns} 2x bananas {milk - HexA, in cups of coffee so far}

Total Syns - 16.5
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Ok am still struggling with being poorly but I think i've been good

So yesterday I ate

Sweet and sour mugshot noodles
Bacon & Cheese Sandwich {HexA and HexB taken} 1 syns for xtra light flora
Tuna Quiche from original book
Half an egg mayo sandwich - 4 syns for bread, mayonnaise 5 syns

Total syns - 10

Today I have eaten

No Breakfast

Lunch - Tomato and herb mugshot pasta, apple and yogurt

Dinner - SW Spag Bol
Ok feeling very crappy, been diagnosed with flu :(

Today I have eaten:
1 yogurt
Cheesy mash & baked beans {HexA taken}
Chicken tikka lasagne {6.5 syns as shared it} SW Chips
Hi fi bar {HexB}
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food diary 18th sep:
lunch - mugshot pasta
dinner - pizza sw friendly recipe homemade {15 syns} HexA taken 42g low fat cheddar

Total syns = 15
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