MelanieP.....Made a decision about CD, going to SS


I have been doing CD for some time, now had a blip since easter, but now on day 6. Used to chat to most of you on DH, but whilst I've been gone you have all swapped to MiniMins.

I'm using the same name so hopefully some of my old chat buddies are on here.

Mel :D :D
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Hi Mel,

I just found the site too. I was Jax 39. I see most of the peeps I used to chat too are here aswell.

How are you doing, I'm on day 1 after a 2 stone increase. Didn't do mainteneance naughty me.
Anyway, the headache started at lunch time, now I feel a bit better, I can't remember feeling full on day one though. This time it was a real effort to get all three shakes down.

Why did I not finish it properly, anyway never mind I will do it this time.

Hi Jax
I put on just over a stone and a half since easter, I was about 16st now 17st 5lb (Lost 2lb since Tuesday). It is so much harder after the first time, I am constatly hungry and no matter how much water I drink I could eat, but I'm sure it will pass.
Well doen on day 1, it is always the hardest once you have passed it, you have something positive to work on.
Well done on finding the site :D

When I first started posting on here I used to nip into DH occasionally just in case I might have missed out but I can't remember the last time I did that :rolleyes:

I love the minimins site, apart from the lovely prople on here the site is so much easier to navigate. I like to use the 'new posts' link in the blue bar at the top of the page :)
Hi Mel and Chicken (great name!!). I really like this site, and hope to pop in all the time. I know it is going to be hard this time round, but this is the last diet I will ever do.

I want to know how to get the ticker??? Such a good idea.

I found the website, just can't get the ticker on my signature. They look great and the glitter names at the end of everyones posts.
Check my signature out, Linda put my name and after playing for ages got a ticker up - woo hoo !!!! :cool: :cool: :p
I wont be escaping, got back into posting - you'll be wanting to get rid of me LMAO :p ;) :) :D
:eek: LMAO

Just had a lovely hot bath, forgot how relaxing they are, note to self get out of the office earlier so I can have more baths :) :) :)
I'm still plodding on, not actually reached ketosis, but getting there, been coming down with a cold for about a week, finally came out yesterday, feeling like crap :( :( but bonus no appetite so should be in ketosis Tomorrow / Thursday.

Mum has spoken to her doc and he's agreed she can do CD, so just waiting for a CDC to call her back to get forms etc, dad wants to do it too, so life will be easier. We'll only have food every other weekend when my nephew is here.

Apart from feeling like death warmed up I'm ok. Might think about doing AAM this week, then at least I have something a bit more inside me so I can get better.

Have a trainign day tomorrow, they obviously think I sit with my finger somewhere all day to justify it, not happy about that, just another 12 hour day to get all my work done.

Right my moaning over, hmm better than chocolate :D :D :D
Thanks Pea, we can do this.
You'll think I'm a muppet, can't get used to your name on here. :D :D :D
Right, apart fromt he chicken for lunch today has been a success, heres to another day on CD :p :D

I'm off to my bed, night night Pea