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Melba Toast Binge - I kid you not!!!

Happy Friday to y'all.
Just had to post this to get it off my chest. Bought Melba Toast for the first time yesterday thinking to self I'll only have a few. They came individually wrapped - 6 slices per pack at 1 point per pack. Yay I thought, I'll have 6 little slices. Well the box contained 10 packs of 6. Now the box contains NO PACKS!! I wolfed the lot of them between yesterday evening and bedtime. What the hell... Can only believe it's coz I haven't had bread or anything like it in so long after low carbing for a couple of years. God they were amazing but one thing's for sure, it'll be a while before I buy them again. Anyone else have this problem with certain foods. I could understand if it were chocolate or such but Melba Toast :eek: mind you it's better than what my previous binge food was... peanut butter. When the urge struck as it did every couple of weeks I would skip my low carb dinner and polish of the entire jar in one evening - am now hanging my head in shame!!!
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Awww don't feel bad - we've all done it! I once guzzled down a whole box of melba toast, too, and I put a scrape of butter on every single slice! Was years ago but still...

And I totally understand the peanut butter thing. I've polished off a jar or two in my time!

Low carbers can't be saintly all the time. Just watch out in future or if need be don't buy any more melba toast!
Ah girlygirl,
Thanks for the encouragement. Thankfully I'm not the only peanut butter fiend out there. I remember saying to friends about the p'butter and the looks of shock on their faces said it all lol. No more melba toast in the shopping trolley for me. I'm due to go to Uk to a bbq in 4 weeks time and as I opened the first pack of toast yesterday was thinking to self, oh what a great lil snack to bring with me to bbq. Few packs would fit nice and neatly in my bag. To be honest the thoughts of the barbie and what food will be on offer is freaking me out as I don't want to completely scupper my weightloss. Won't really no many people there so don't want to go to it swinging my shopping bag full of weight watcher/low fat foods. Then again in saying that who cares what they may think..Thanks again x

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