Melissa's Diary -Vauxhall dealer trashed our car & 13lb to go, yippee


Loves VLCD's !
So here I begin my much delayed weight loss diary. I am coming up to my last foundation week weigh in on LL. Why has it taken me so long to start a diary thread ? I have reported my progress occasionally when I have been over the moon and have had fab support from you lovely lot but haven't wanted to do the diary. I think now that its because of a deeply held belief that I would fail at some point. I mean I always have haven't I ? I have lost bits on WW and SW but then got fed up of slow progress and then put it back on, and some !:rolleyes:

However finding out about LL made me want to give it a go. I mean I was really ready for it, particularly psychologically. So I did ! I am nearly at the end of Foundation and by week 12 had lost 23.5 kg or 51.7 pounds. I can do this ! :)

I have at least the same to lose again so no Xmas dinner for me. I was away on business last week so missed my week 13 weigh in, I really missed the session. My LLC is very skilled. When we have the group work I sometimes find that if I am very reluctant to look at something, she challenges me gently. I think she is very skilled. I also know that not everyone has this experience on LL and this makes me sad, I mean its what we are paying the extra for !

I am looking a bit different now and would like to put up some photos which I will do soon. Punkass, thanks for your help ! My photos are on photobox now so I am nearly there ! I don't have any wonderful "before" photos as I have hated having my photo taken SO much. But lets say that dress size 28/30 has been the norm for my adult life whereas yesterday I bought some size 18 stretch jeans and a size 20 blouse ! Ok they are a little snug shall we say but hey !!!!:D

Wish me look for my 100 days weigh in tomorrow night ! Progress will be reported.........!
Hiya Mel,
well done for getting sooo far :) Glad to hear you're happy with your counsellor, makes all the difference..

Have you had your picture taken again? think it's week 13 that you'd have another one, but seeing as you were away you wouldnt have had it taken. Just a lil tip from me - take your camera with you and ask your counsellor to take one with yours, then when you come back you can post it so we can all see :p You must be looking fab now from a 28/30 is just amazing :D

Well done to you and look forward to reading your about your ongoing progress:p
well done, thats fantastic progress. remember how great xmas will be next year, so don't worry you will get through the next week.
Whereabouts in Hants are u?

Hey Melissa

Wow.. can't believe u haven't done this sooner.... you are a real inspiration, you have done fantastically, the weightloss on the pics is amazing!! And that was 5 weeks ago!!!!!

I wish u the very bestest of luck for ur 100 day weigh in.. you have done brilliantly... and well done on getting into the size 18 trousers.. they won't be snug in a few days... hell u'll be looking for size 16's!

Happy that u have a good LLC .. I was one of the ones who wasn't happy at LL but loves CD! Looking forward to hearing your update on your 100 day weigh in.. will subscribe to your thread now u finally have one ( I think i subscribed to a few of ur threads before.. but then realised they weren't diaries! Duh!)

Melissa you have done so well. You must be very proud of yourself.

Good luck for your 100 days and can't wait to see the next lot of photos!
Great pics |Melissa, well done x
Thanks everyone for your comments !
Kirstin - I may even hit the sales and get a pair of size 16 jeans - I love having something to keep on trying on until I get into it !:)

Geri - I think I must have missed the "after" photo at LL last week but I will get one done tonight - thanks for the tip. Will take my digital camera in !

Splodge - Yes can't wait for next Xmas when a VLCD will hopefully be a distant memory ! I am in Winchester but about to move after Xmas.

Weigh in tonight, kind of excited but yesterday I ended up with bad tooth pain and couldn't drink hot or cold without misery so I didn't drink all my water and missed a food pack. Luckily the dentist saw me at the end of her day and found a leaky filling. She has removed it and cleaned it up and plugged it with a temp filling until after Xmas. Yucky dentist stuff this close to Xmas :eek: - suppose it could have been worse, could have been Xmas day !
Wow Mel
Your photo is brilliant - can't wait to se the more updated one that you have taken tonight! Glad you liked my tip, I did it myself before :D

glad to hear you got your tooth sorted out - bet you felt good getting in the dentist chair tho, not having to worry if you'd manage to squeeze into it - see there's a positive in everything!! :p

good luck for your weigh in tonight.

Well done!

Hi Melissa,

Great news to a) hear that you have a new diary and b) what fantastic progress photos, you are doing sooo well. I too have now subscribed, so I'm looking forward to reading your future updates.

You are doing amazingly well and your committment is a huge inspiration to others, so I think that it's only positive that you are sharing your progress and stories now.

Am looking forward to reading your updates! Well done you :) :)
Well Melissa... or anyone else for that matter... if u would like a size 16 dress from Coast let me know!!! I only bought it about 8 months ago.. it completely swamps me.. is totally still in fashion - its still in the shop i saw it the other day! It is plain black and is a wrap over style.... free to a good home!
Weight loss

Well done Melissa - that is superb weight loss

Kirstin- I have sent you a PM re the dress .. thanks
Congratulations Melissa, your looking good, such a fantastic weight loss too.

Talk Soon Caz:D
Hi Kirstin
Well if the dress hasn't gone then I would love it ! Happy to pay or do a donate to a charity or whatever ! I find it really motivating having something to aim for.

Thanks everyone for the comments ! More news to update when I am not at work:eek: ...really should get on :D
Week 14 weigh in - end of 100 days

Ok just in case you haven't read it on the LL thread, I had my end of 100 days weigh in last night and the result is a

4 stone, 2 pound weight loss ! :D

so I am very happy with that result even though I need to lose about the same again. I do find this a very easy diet to do and haven't ever cheated. I do get cravings for things, especially when others are eating but its good to work out what is going on in my head rather than open my mouth and insert the usual carbs !

Must get more active in 2007 as this should speed things up a bit.

Got my official LL "before" photos last night but not digitally so will have to scan and then will put them up with a photo taken last night.
Congratulations Melissa, only in my dreams, well done
when I look at your photo, all I can say is - bloody hell

you must be mighty pleased with the way things are, mel

in that lovely dress with your loss your looking mighty swell

I with progress so far, skies the limit for you as well

My further attempts to rhyme are starting to smell

so I shall sign off by saying - bravo, encore (and now log off my Dell)
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