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Mels Diary - an honest account


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i am going to start packs tomorrow (again) and thought i would start by writing a diary. i did LL and lost about 8 stone and have put 6 of it back on because i went back to eating crap basically.

yesterday, i saw a photo of myself which made me realise i need to do something about it. (on a positive note, its a cracking before photo!)

i have a weeks worth of pack left in the cupboard from last time, and will find a councillor for CD so i can start with them next week.

if i do this, i can be slim for xmas (or a lot slimmer than i am now)

i am not expecting this to be easy, (in fact, imexpecting it to be hard as hell) but tough times call for tough measures.

when your 5 yr old wobbles your belly and says, its time to get back on your diet, you know theres trouble!! so im making a new goals list and ticker and am full steam ahead into packs from tomorrow.

please feel free to give me a few words of encouragement, tell me off or just say hi, so i know im not alone

mel xx
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Good luck..... ***EYES ON THE PRIZE*** :D :D :D

Hey Mel I wish you all the best hon... I'm not on CD but on exante instead as I have a supportive friend who's on LL :)I'm day 2 today these 'no' reason to why u will not lose the weight again as you have already done so before.
Good luck and I will pop back soon, keep focused. X


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Thanks guys!! I keep thinking of things that happened last time that I had forgotten.

- being told I was melting away
- actually like looking at pics of myself and being able to laugh at the bad ones and not cry at the fat ones
- being able to shop anywhere.

I think I'm going to add this as a regular thing into my diary. Put at least one good reason to keep going.

Here goes!!! 100% means a slim Xmas!


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So far so good. 2 packs down, 2 to go (I'm using up old LL packs this week)

I am a little bit hungry, but not too bad, just have a headache.


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Thanks guys. I did my weigh in this morning and am now 17.5. That's an amazing 7lb in 2 days (didn't even know that was possible.

Am really struggling today with a headache. I have had to change my plans because of the riots and got no sleep at all last night as I watched them get closer and closer into west London. I dont live in a great area (hence why we r moving) and I was Paraniod that it would kick off on the highstreet where I live. I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old so feel ultra protective.

So lack of sleep and day 2 on my diet is not making it very easy. I also have to go to work later and my office is a town that has been given a warning for looting. I'm supposed to finish at 8 tonight. Sod that!


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Got sent home from work, they closed down the town. Drove home and they have closed my high street there too. Rumours are that there are gangs congregating ready to fight back where we live. Which is horrible in it's self. I have moved my girls beds into my bedroom, seems safer somehow that we are all room. On a good note, I have nearly finished day 2 and am going to see my councillor on Monday for my first meeting.
hey sweetie, try not to worry about the riots - unless you live close by shops yuo're pretty safe, and even then the risk in real terms is slight. Not that it desn't freak you out (we're halfway between Peckham and Brixton, so I've had some concern myself)... but the news makes things seem much worse than they are.

and well done on your amazing loss. I'm on day 9 and I've only lost five and a half pounds, despite being 100% on SS, so i'm jealous as anything!


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Hi spangles, thanks for the suPport. 5.5 lb is still a good loss xxx well done
Hi x
Altho I'm not doing CD (am doing similar to exante etc) like you am hoping for a slim xmas :D:D
I look forward to seeing how you get on. I did a VLCD diet earlier this year lost 3 stone :D gave up :break_diet: and put it all back on again :sigh:
So I mean business this time lol
Stay safe xx

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