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Melvina's Weight Loss Diary

Hello there!

I'm new (to the forum, not Weight Watchers) and have noticed lots of people use the forum to keep weight loss diaries, which I think is a splendid idea. I'll join in!

A little bit about myself - I'm a 24 year old trainee teacher and a life long yo-yo dieter. I've always been insecure about my shape and size, even when I was under the age of ten I felt fat. I look back at pictures of me as a teenager when I was terribly insecure and think "wow, I looked lovely, why was I so hard on myself?" Unfortunately, it was those feelings of inadequacy that lead me to overeat and I eventually became the large girl I always thought I was! Ironic, huh?

Anyway, I've joined and left Weight Watchers many times. I always lose weight successfully, one time I even got down to a size 10 and thought my weight troubles were behind me for good. But I always seem to start losing motivation - probably because I'm happy with my weight loss and think I can relax. Doesn't work that way does it? So I put all the weight back on. Over the last few years I've fluctuated over about 1st 4lbs, but I've finally reached my heaviest weight yet - time for action! I know WW works brilliantly, but I thought joining a forum like this might help with my motivation. I'll need lots of encouragement to keep working hard once I get some weight off!

This last week I attempted a different slimming club (I've written another thread on that if you're interested) DISASTER! I've gone up 3lbs and I was already at my very heaviest. So, I'm back with a bang and I'm determined it's for good this time!

Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to being a member of your community!
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First week back - and I've lost 3lbs! Hurrah! Feel better already, and not at all hungry. I keep picturing myself at goal and it's really spurring me on. Hoping for a good loss next week too to get me off to a really good start.

It's great when you're starting out, you just want the weeks to go faster because you feel so good about weighing in. It's my birthday in a few weeks - I'd love to have half a stone off for then!

Good mood!

Hope everyone else is having a nice day.
x x x x x x x


Great loss so far Mel!

The thing to do is set your goal for your half stone off and divide it by the weeks remaining, then work towards it.

Keep us posted :)
Thank you!

I have two more weigh-ins before my birthday, so taking my 3lbs into account I have to lose 2lbs each week to get my half stone. A challenging but achievable goal I think!

I'll keep you all up to date! x x x
Welcome :) You can get back to a 10 if you want to, i did Ww lots of times but have found this forum a good help since restarting for good this time. The only thing i would say is to try to find a way to stick to your points in a way you could forever, that way when u get to goal you can contineue to eat the same not be waiting for it and then going back ot befores eating. i dont see a reason why you shouldnt enjoy food while losing weight! :)
Yes, I definitely need to make it stick for life this time, that's why I don't really mind if it comes off slowly. I'm managing fine so far. I'm so used to Weight Watchers I barely have to look things up anymore! As I say, the weight loss will come, I'm great at that part. The maintaining - not so much! So it'll be about 3 months from now when I'm on here saying, "Yay! I've lost X-amount of weight, I feel great, now I'm not going to bother going to weigh-in" - it will be then that I'll really need the support of this forum and all you guys!
Same here im not in a rush to get to goal, as long as i am happy and losing then im good, even if it takes a long while. Is rather just eat how makes me happy that starve and then binge!
welcome to the forums Melvina! :) i'm a trainee teacher too - whatre you training in exactly?

good luck with the coming weeks even though i'm sure you dont need it :)

can i just ask.. any chance the other diet was Slimming World? x
Cupcakekatie - I know all about starving and binging - no more of that for me! In the past I've set myself horrendous 2 week/1 month goals, hoping to lose too much too fast. This time my only real goal 'date' is way off at the end of June, so I have time to lose weight healthily and sensibly.

Blackwidow - Thank you for the welcome! Everyone here is very supportive. I'm training to teach English in Secondary schools, how about you? It's awful feeling awkward and bloated in front of a class full of children, that's one of my motivating thoughts when it comes to WW!

And yes, the other diet was Slimming World. I know it works for some people, but for me - never again!!!
its the portion thing - i did exactly the same when i tried it!

i'm teaching ICT for secondary - tiring isnt it? :) worth it though!
Yeah I was eating huge bowls of pasta like 3 times a day! Even if it had worked (by some strange miracle), it wouldn't have taught me anything about balance and moderation. I think Slimming World must be for people who are disciplined and recognise when they are full. I need clear boundaries, haha! I don't get full!

Yes, it's extremely tiring! The work load is unbelievable! I'm enjoying it though.
Well, Tuesday is weigh day, and I must confess, I was slightly disappointed to have lost 1lb. I know I need to look at in context and see that any loss is a good one, but I think I expected more in the first two weeks. I did WW in the summer and lost 9lbs in my first 2 weeks! I'm being silly really, because I always looked back and thought "Oh, that was too fast, that's why it all went back on", and I actually wanted it to be slower this time. So I need to just be sensible and pleased with my loss really.

I wasn't completely angelic. I did nibble on things from the fridge without counting them, but they were things I didn't consider really naughty, like olives. I sacrificed all the really indulgent things; I had a pasta instead of a pizza, I had a healthy ready meal while my sister ordered Chinese and I watched my boyfriend have chocolate pudding while I had sugar-free jelly! I think it's because I made those sacrifices that I was really expecting a bigger loss - Imagine if I had eaten those things!

Well, my target for January was half a stone, which means I'm going to have to shift 3lbs this week! Eeek!

In other news, my boyfriend moved in with me this week - yipee! Fantastic, apart from the fact that he can eat whatever he likes and won't gain weight. He always wants me to eat with him! But I've explained that losing some weight is important to me, and he is very understanding. He also likes that I'm taking the time to cook proper home-made meals!
2.5lbs off this week - yippeeeee!

I really needed that, my motivation had been shaking a little, had a bit of a wobble this time last week when my boyfriend moved in with me and all we wanted to do was feed each other yummy food. I feel motivated again now!!

By the way, in the control panel is it not possible to add half pounds to your weight?
well done on your weight loss! sometimes your body just reacts differently regardless of what youve eaten - it all comes off in the end if you stick with it though :)

good luck with this coming week! x
hey, hope you're doing okay xxx
Congratulations on your weight loss.. you are doing so well! This website is heping me so much.. i always give in to temptation and give up but with everyones support on here i feel i can do this and its so inspiring reading diarys like yours !

Kepp up the good work x

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