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Memoirs of Kals a SW convert

Good Morning Peeps :D
Think its more than likely time I introduced myself over in the SW camp :D as I converted over to SW at the beginning of the week at the moment I'm doing Extra Easy, I will be adding my food etc to this diary as well and would appreciate any help or comments that come my way :D
I had a bit of a dabble with SW in December of last year but unfortunately due to the fact that I had no idea about any kind of portion control it didn't work out and I decided to have a go at Ww
which I started in January at the whopping weight of 18st 2lbs ive now by some sort of minor miracle managed to get down to 14st 9lbs leaving me with 4st and 9lbs to lose and with a much better idea of portion control I have returned to the SW plan as I find it fits more comfortably into my life style with working shifts etc
The thing with Ww is that while it teaches you perfect portion control, I'm not 100% happy with the fact that you can still eat and awful lot of junk food as long as you point it :rolleyes:

What else can I tell you about me, well I married to Stevie boy and have a wonderful son Adam who recently got engaged to the lovely Jess and boy oh boy !! am I going to get slim for that wedding day if it kills me haha!!!
I live in Middlesex and drive a bus for a living, and also breed guinea pigs for showing etc along with that I also run a small rescue from home and foster rodents and of late Lizards and Tarantulas :D
Along with a house full of guinea pigs I also currently have
4 Chinchillas, 18 degus ( long story but took in 6 boys from a large rescue to foster only not 6 boys at all and hey presto 13 babies later ) 2 Rabbits one of which is a house bun, 8 Syrian hamsters, a gerbil and 2 cats along with those i'm losing you now I can tell haha!!!
I also have 3 leopard geckos, 2 Rankin dragons, 2 bearded dragons, a red rock lizard, a chameleon 2 turtles a scorpion 12 oriental toads and 4 tarantulas :D I don't think I've left anyone out.
So its now day 5 on the Extra Easy plan and all going well so far

Thursday 29Th Menu


Smoked Salmon
with wedge of veg quiche
and tomato
2 slices 400g loaf Wholemeal bread ( heb )
1 laughing cow light ( part of hea )

Work break

Tuna & Egg
salad Nicoise with 5 Olives ( 1 syn )
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Keep on Truckin'
Sounds like you've got yourself well sorted out and it's excellent that doing WW worked out so well for you! I guess we can learn from all the diets, even if it's only I never want to see a <insert food item> again!

Your house sounds like a madhouse... or a zoo! My daughter would be in heaven there! We have geckos but only because we're in the tropics and they sort of moved in! I never would have imagined I would be comfortable having them running round the house and all the little lizards in the garden too - the cane toads I could do without though - ewwwwwk!

Anyway, good luck with your weight loss - I find that keeping a diary helps even if I don't write about the diet much :rotflmao:
Oh kally my dear i shall be joining you soon! bah!


Gold Member
Kally - have you lost 4 stone in 4 months - OMG thats fantastic - !!! xxx Love the Zoo...must keep you busy! xx

Mumma K

Gold Member
have been somewhat neglectful of filling out this diary so as from tomorrow will make much more of an effort :D if I'm on here writing will keep me out of the fridge
also need to go and check out other diarys :D
Wholemeal roll

with Bacon and tomato
scrapping of mustard
Seafood mixture ( prawn, mussels & lumpfish caviar :eek: get me )
Packet of Ww Nachos 5 syns
Steak with tarragon sauce
new potato
Bns and spinach
SW Tiramisu recipe 4 syns
and some fresh melon
Get writing woman! :)

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