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Men - Help me persuade my husband!


Cambridge Consultant

DH is a good few stone overweight. I know he wants to lose it. Starts off with good intentions, cuts down on bread, crisps etc (carbs are his downfall) does really well for a week and then goes back to his old habits.

I've tried to persuade him to do cd with me, he's seen how well I do on it, but he won't discuss it. I've not asked him for a while if he'd like to do it but I'm going to try again tonight and try to persuade him just to do 4 days. Just give me 4 days and if you dont' want to do it any further then so be it.

I'm sure he thinks he's going to starve to death. He's a big guy doing a manual job so I think that worries him too.

So men out there, please come and put how wonderful your experience with CD has been so that I can show him!


C xxx
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Cambridge Consultant
Oh and I should have said I'm trying to persuade him to do 810, so he'd have three shakes and a small meal at night.


One day at a time!
Hi, well done on your great losses. I think you are probably wasting your time trying to persuade OH. I know that I have failed all the diets I've ever heard of because I wasn't 100% committed for ME. He has to be in the right zone for it to work and he doesn't want it this way. Also if his job is heavy manual work it might be that CD isn't enough for him to do that without negative effects. He might also be self-conscious about doing a vlcd in front of his colleagues. I guess all you can do is let him see how brilliantly you have done and let him come to his own conclusions!
As a bloke doing CD all I can tell you is my own experience, and I know that as blokes we are all stubborn and set in our ways and diets are not for us and all of that, but my personal experience of this diet is that you cannot be persuaded, or bullied or coerced into this diet, if you are you will not stick to it and you will stray at the earliest opportunity.

I had tried all the other ways of dieting, cutting down, eating more healthily I even did quite well on the atkins diet for a while but I always fell off in the end. My problem was that my head just was not into it. I thought that if I lost a bit I could then carry on as normal and I would be alright.

Doing CD is hard, its bloody hard work and its boring just having soups and shakes and the odd bar which doesnt taste like any chocolate I have ever tasted but it does give you results and that is what is important.

The key thing for me this time round is the commitment to it. I have decided to take food out of the picture for a while, take away all the poor choices that I have been making with food and concentrate on losing some weight. I am rexamining my relationship with food and over time identifying where I have made mistakes in the past and what to do to avoid them in the future.

I have been on this diet a month now and have lost 2 stone. I already feel more confident about myself, and know that there is a long way to go.

In my opinion the only time to do this diet is when your mind is in the right place, it is not a quick fix even though you will lose weight quickly, if you go back to old habits the weight will go back on in a flash. This diet is not for everyone but if you give it a chance and get your head right then it can work.

I am not sure the four days thing is a great idea as I felt rubbish after the first four days as my carb stores had been just about depleted. After the first week I felt great and started getting into it.

Tell your husband this, as a bloke I would guess he would lose nearly a stone in his first week, and if he sticks to it you can probably average a stone every three weeks or so.

Just look at my stats or Lunar jim who started roughly the same time
good luck whatever he decides...


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks for your reply. I haven't really spoke to him about it for a while so will have a chat tonight and see how it goes. I will try not to "bully" him into lol, I know I can be quite "persuasive" when I want to be and he usually does things "for a quiet life" but I'll make sure I don't do that, as its too important.

It just drives me nuts that none of his clothes are fitting him again, he does nothing but moan about it, yet he won't do anything about it. Unfortunately, like many wives, I mammy him a wee bit so he's not used to doing stuff for himself, like buying clothes, organising things re childcare bla bla bla, so I think he's waiting for me to do something about it iykwim!

Right that didn't come out right, I ramble on sometimes!


My hubby did CD for two weeks and just decided he was too bored to carry on, he was alright with the diet after the first few days. Saying that he has a desk job and he found the first few days hell. He did love the weight loss and lost a stone I think in his first week.

Why not get your hubby on WW? I know its not CD and its not as quick, but my hubby still losing away merrily and still eating enough that he's not feeling deprived, just because its not worked for me doesn't mean it won't work for him.

Then if after a few weeks or whatever on ww or similar he decided he wants to try CD then fair enough?
Dieting is seen as a very female thing to do, men should be working hard and going to the gym to get big and lose that beer belly which is ofcourse rubbish in the real world.
TEll him to give 810 a go, remind him men lose a fair bit faster than women so he will probably lose more on 810 than women do on ss, and tell him he wont be hungry after the first few days.
Fact: as long as he has fat to burn he'll have no shortage of energy and the fact he does manual work means he will only burn even more calories.
My brother does manual work, lost 6 stone on 810 in just over 4 months and is now maintaining, well I lie he's in Ibiza but he was 18 1/2 stone in feb, is now 12 1/2(git)


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks everyone. Yay, he says he'll give it a go! He's got his birthday tomorrow so I'll let him off for the weekend and he can start on Monday! :D


Cambridge Diet Councellor
You can't force him to do CD, even if he needs to lose weight! I know it's a cliche but he has to want to lose the weight for himself, not just because you want him to.
You say he does a manual job, would he perhaps be better suited to say Atkins, if he is doing physical work he will need more calories than ss will provide, unless of course he starts CD on a higher plan.
I know my OH would never be able to stick to ss, and he is a builder. He is lucky as he isn't overweight!
I expect he realises himself that he needs to diet, but only he can make the decision to go for it.
Good luck!


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funnily enough one of my builders did some shake type diet i saw him mixing the stuff up. he was trying to lose fat and build up his muscle. i asked him about it and he said he had 3 shakes a day, and a big protein meal with lots of veg in the evening. he said he found it quite easy as he diddnt feel like eating when he was working. just drank lots of water and black coffee. i also know a lorry driver who did the diet, he lost loads of weight something like 8 stone.. and my husband did it and lost 3 stone. he went from a 42 waist to a 36 waist
I'm sure he thinks he's going to starve to death. He's a big guy doing a manual job so I think that worries him too.
See if he'll try 1000 calories, if he's doing manual work he'll need a few cals and the bit extra he'll be allowed will help him out.

He's probably worried about what his workmates will think too, when he pulls a tetra out for lunch! Not much you can do about that one...
he does nothing but moan about it, yet he won't do anything about it
Sounds like me. I moaned on about being overweight, tried a couple of half-assed attempts at losing weight by cutting things like butter out, nothing serious and I just fell off that even. Food was just too nice. Then about five weeks ago Mrs. Lunar told me 'I'm going to do Cambridge Diet' and for some reason I said 'ok, I'll do it too', and the weight started falling off. I can't believe I was so daft before...


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks all for your replies. He's been on it a week now, been having 2 shakes during the day and a carb free meal at night. He's lost 10lbs this week so rather chuffed!


Cambridge Consultant
Yeah if he ever learns to switch on the computer Jim :rolleyes:lol


One day at a time!
Wow, for someone who didn't want to do it, he's done it very well! Well done to you for persuading him that this was a good way to diet, and well done to him for sticking with it. It must make life in your home easier if you are both CDing. By the way your losses have been brilliant - no wonder he's inspired:)


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks Minxie, just hoping I can keep it off this time! :rolleyes:

We're going away camping next Saturday for a week and he actually said tonight that he wants to go back on it when we came back and said "it's dead easy!" :eek: Bugger that he is! lol

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