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messed it up over weekend :(

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have been really good from starting 3 weeks ago. lost 9lbs in 3 weeks. but totally messed it up over weekend. halloween weekend is a bad time of yr for me emotionally. my mum passed away on halloween night 3 yrs ago. im a big emotional eater, and i just went mad. and had to much to drink as well... stupidly i jumped on the scales this morning and im up 4lbs:eek:. weigh day is fri, so no way will i be able to get it off my then. so gutted and disappointed with myself :cry:
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Hello missy, now stop those tears. Stop beating yourself up, WE HAVE ALL DONE IT :)

And you know what? We more than likely will slip once more! You're aware of your emotional eating, which is the biggest thing. Its a hard time of year, so sorry about your Mum, dont make it worse by punishing yourself with negativity. Its done now.

So that was yesterday, what are you going to do today??
I have been off the rails this weekend too - and i am not weighing myself until Thursday AM *i get weighed officially Thursday PM*

its done, its past - now just be perfect SW-er until your weigh in and whatever it says - just move on from it.

You can succeed and it wont EVER be as bad as you think - so chin up - give me a smile - and say I CAN DO THIS!!!

Lots of Love EB x


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Slimming would be so easy, if it wasnt for all the lovely food! I think its great that you can hold your hands up and say you messed up, now you can draw a line under it and do your best until WI... you never know, that 4lb might just turn into a STS or even better... get some speed foods down you and see how you go... the important thing it to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. I fall off the SW wagon quite frequently, but I always, always start again the next day. Keep going xxxxx


Always comes back to MMs!
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Know what you mean, I had 4 terrible weeks of on/off, now in my 2nd week of definitely ON, hoping and praying the OFF switch doesnt go off until Xmas week!!

The ups and downs of being a slimmer lol xxxx


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Ups and downs are going to happen. That's life and we are only human. I had a major fall off the wagon just over a week ago and gained 3.5lbs. I was dumped a while back and only just accepting it's final. Struggling with motivation big time ATM.

That's just the way it is sometimes. Other weeks it will pick up. You're doing well so don't beat yourself up and soldier on.
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your not the only one whos messed up i got very drunk on saturday and ended up eating a large lamb shish kebab even though i asked for a small and i broke my bread ban which has lasted 7 weeks and god i paid for it for a few days was so bloated and felt like crap then i had sweets and crisps on sunday. Just start again today like me xxx
S: 15st2.5lb C: 14st11lb G: 9st0lb Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.59%)
aww thanks everyone...

your right we're only human and have to accept this prob wont be the last slip up i make lol..

ive drawn a line underneath it and put it behind me.. im going to be 100% perfect the rest of week. no syns or anything and eat plenty of superfree foods.

going to head to gym everyday as well so hopefully undo some of the damage.
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Ive done exactly the same, from thursday night (ate lots of bad chocolatey stuff whilst preparing cakes for breast cancer awareness cake sale on the friday) ....then lots of cakes on the friday, followed by a party with lots of alcohol and pizza etc, and an indian take away on Sat night..... AWFUL WEAK WEEKEND :( Ive put back on all the weight i lost the week before.... feeling pretty deflated now :(


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Please don't panic Miss_Marshmellow!! :) My scales at home weigh me 6lbs heavier than class and my friends weigh her 1lb lighter so please don't let your mid-week home weigh get to you! And also i had a major slip-up on saturday night (far too much halloween drinking and eating!) and still lost 2½ lbs today, which i didnt deserve at all. I've been told the SW diet works in mysterious ways, so don't tell yourself you have gained until the moment you step on the scales at class - and even if you do, congratulate yourself for getting through a really hard time and let it motivate you to try even harder next week! :)
Aww hun me too Im afraid, I had the mother of all chinese's last night, i feel so guilty, half of me wants to eat more rubbish and the other half says keep on going, so I've been to the gym! rubs halo vigorously lol stick with it though your not on your own! x

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