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Messed up BIG time - Help!

Hey Guys,

Well I rejoined SW last Weds night for the gazillionth time, full of determination etc.

Had planned to do a SW shop/plan for the week on Friday and it all went a bit wrong.

Went to the dentist Friday for a check up and ended up minus a tooth which was very painful and so I spent the day sulking/in pain, worked 12.5 hours sat, family thing Sun, Work Mon/Tues (12.5 hrs each day) then family thing again today - therefore no time to shop or plan.

Am due to weigh in tomorrow before going away for a few days and don't know whether to bother as if anything, I have probably put on.

To weigh or not to weigh, that is the question!!!

Anyone else ever had a bad 1st week? I am sooo embarrassed:eek:

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Honestly, don't be embarrassed, I've done it too. I rejoined last week and had a really bad weekend food-wise but weighed today (expecting the worst) and lost 3.5lb. The best thing you can do is make sure you go to class every week no matter what you think you've lost/gained. The support is fantastic and we've all done it so don't worry.
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I would go and WI,so you can see if its good or bad,then draw a line under this week and start from scratch again :) my first time at sw i never bothered and gained half a pound the first week.I rejoined last week and stuck to plan 100% and this time i lost 7lbs in my first week :) Tell your consultant that you have had a bad week too,im sure she/he would understand x good luck for your WI x


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I joined again this week and am going on an all inclusive cruise in 3 weeks !!!!
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I started SW last night... Today being my first day.. Had oats so simple for breakfast then when checked the syns found I'd spent 6 already... :( went to a party this afternoon - stuck to orange juice rather than alcohol.. Ate pasta, meat but also other bits and bobs which in my calculations totals my day at 60 syns!!!!!!!!! My consultant did say to count syns weekly..so I'm hoping I can sort it out over the next few days. Shopping tomorrow to find as much syn free stuff as possible as realised this morning I've hardly got anything :(

Good luck though - we can do this!!


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Don't panic, my first week wasn't ideal as I started on Monday and we have our shopping delievered on thursday!


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I say go and then draw a line it takes a while to get your head round 8 weeks later and Im still wondering how i can fat a full English breakfast and steak and chips for lunch! Its defiantly worth sticking at stay strong! X


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Definitely go!

I always like weigh in, even after a naughty week, because its a brand spanking new week, and i can start again. it's good to know the damage then do better, rather than not going and wondering how you did

You never know- you might just surprise yourself :)

Take weigh in as a brand new week- a new start, forget about what you did last week, you can't do anything about it now-look forward and do awesome :)

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