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messed up :(


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Don't worry babe I messed up this weekend too....I went away for the weekend with a friend and I was eating all sorts. I went back on it this morning and I got weighed this evening and only lost 2 lbs which suprised me.
Just dust yourself off and start again and you will lose the weight again by next week.
Good luck x
Hey hun, try not to worry about it too much, we're only human after all. Like Wabbitt said, just draw a line under it and start again.

I've had the past few days off too with the Flu but i have kinda ate what i wanted today. But i am back on tmrw so if you want any support i'm happy to help. We can both see it as a new start.

Anyway, best of luck with tmrw, you can do it :) xx


hoping for a good loss
Is so hard when we mess up, but get back on track today and look forward to losing all that weight

Charlie x


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I'm the same - I've eaten so much this week and feel awful.
Maybe we could support each other getting back on it.
I know this diet works so going to try so hard this week and the following weeks!
I blew it this weekend as well, just thought sod it been so good for 11 weeks and just wanted to be 'normal' for at least one bank holiday weekend this year. Went out for a meal on sundsay night and ate choc and icecream yesterday! Dreading my weigh in now on sat but if it puts me back a week so what! Just going to stick to it now and see what happans. Just hope I haven't put on half a stone! x
Thanks for the comments ladies really means alot, well iv been good so fingers crossed 1 day down, now to get through day 2. i need all the support i can get ladies lol. OH bless him supports me but when he sees me all moody and looking a little lost he thinks food will cheer me up ahhh i dnt blame him in the past it has but now makes me feel guilty :( we can do it smile todays another day.

love dreamgirl xxx


Nearly a yummy Mummy
Know how you feel hun, i have been good for 4 days yet i have just eaten a cheese slice :( Problem was i didnt even realise i was doing it :(

We are only human and learn by our mistakes. Move on and think positive xx
seems this was the week for food! I hope you are feeling better now. HUGS.

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