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Met my CDC, today is day 1!

I've been on LT for 2 weeks now and am doing fine but I have found the limited flavours boring so I have decided to change to CD.

My CDC is coming over in about 10 mins to weigh and measure me. Then it will feel like Christmas when I get to choose my shakes for the week :D.

I think i'm going to get some mix a mousse and water flavouring too to make the jelly.

I can't wait :D

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Hey Niki I will be following soo, once I have finished my packs anyway.....!
I have found a cdc near to my home and she is willing to come to me so even better.


i love minimins me :)
oooo well done to both of yas for choosin cd :)

flavours r sooo nice compred to ll not sure bout lt tho
good luck with the rest of ur journey's

Well, my CDC has been and she was lovely. I have some soups and shakes in all sorts of flavours and also some water flavouring. I can't have mix a mousse till next week.

The only thing is, I read on here that I should have a book and she didn't give me one. What is in it, is it important?
She didn't give you the pink and blue SS book? If not email me and I will scan you a copy over as this is essential. If she did not give you a yellow booklet you do not need this immediately but it is normal practise to give at first meeting.

Ring and ask her to bring you your booklets next time.

[email protected]
Is the pink/blue book, the same one that you can download online? If so, i've read that. If not, my email is [email protected].

So what is the yellow book about?


Yes the pink and blue SS booklet is the one you can download online. The yellow is the weight maintenance booklet that shows you the stabilsation and maintenance steps also helps you understand food labelling, GI loading etc etc.

It is also an important book to have as it shows the full picture not just how to lose weight but how to keep it off

Thanks Linda, I just text her and she forgot to bring them with her and she'll fetch them next week.
Hey fuzzyduck
You are in the same boat as me! I was on LL for a couple of weeks and yesterday met my CDC for the first time and am changing to that. It seems so much better - more choice etc - and the ready-mixed stuff is going to be a godsend for me as I often have to be out and about all day for work. Just had the cappuccino for brekkie - it was nice - I have high hopes for the rest! (Although I dont think I dare try the Oriental Chilli as the LL version was absolutely rank - could gag just remembering it - so that has put me off a bit!)
Good luck and keep postin!
Mrs P
PS love your avatar


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I will be seeing mine earlier now as I have talked Karen into joining me and we are setting ourselves mini challenges as an incentive.


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You do need both books as Linda says so make sure you ask for them, the pink and blue is the bible while on sole source (if it doesn't say do it in the book then don't!) and the yellow book is the bible when you go into stabilisation, maintenance and a good guide for long term weight stability.

I do believe Cambridge is the best diet in the world (yeah I know I would say that!!) but it is so important you stick to the advice given in the books as the diet is so much easier if you do it right first time.


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