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people are probably sick of me asking questions..but i'm just wondering, if one underakes a food replacement diet, is there metabolism ruined forever afterwards?

and will it take barely anything to put on weight? even if one goes through the maintenance stage, after this, will their metabolism be normal? well not normal, but more normal than it was before? am i making sense?!
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oh and do you have to go through the maintenance programme forever?? or after a while can you go on to just eat healthily? and not put on any weight?
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Some say it does.

However the lighter you are the slower your metabolic rate anyway.

Exercise is key to maintaining. IMHO.


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Very good question. I think if you do the steps up correctly youll slowly wake it up again and it'll be fine. If you do not do the steps up, it could be troublesome ;-).

Obviously, as stated before, when at a lower weight you burn less calories per day as BMR so if you overeat again you'll regain weight and it'll be easier to overeat ;-).

I think exercise is needed to maintain but talk to me again in a year time and I'll let you know what is the key whaha:d

I think that if you go back to eating the way you did that made you fat, then you''ll end up where you started.

I'm on Atkins maint, I do eat pasta, bread potato's and rice occasionally, but never more than any one in a day and often less than that.


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people are probably sick of me asking questions..but i'm just wondering, if one underakes a food replacement diet, is there metabolism ruined forever afterwards?
When you go on any diet your metabolism will reduce. Slightly more on a VLCD. It will get to a level where it will stop reducing.

When you go back to maintenance calories for your new weight, your metabolism will go back up again.

It's important on the Cambridge diet that you go 'up the steps' to get to that point and bring your glycogen and metabolic levels back to normal to avoid a weight gain.

Of course, your new maintenance calories will be under what they were pre-diet as you will weigh less and so your body doesn't need the same energy requirements to keep you ticking over :)


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On this subject, I tried working out my basic metabolic rate today and it came up as 1363.8.
That seems awfully high... have I done it wrong or am I just fortunate?
Your basal matabolic rate is what you burn if you don't do anything...as in lay asleep in bed day and night.

Most ladies can eat between 1500-2000 calories without gaining fat, much more if you are doing loads of exercise :)


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I have an even higher BMR, something like 1500kcal (or so the brilliant site says :p) so 1300 isn't that high really.. guess it depends on how much you weigh, if you're really really light (as your bmi info indicates) 1300ish sounds about right. :)



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This is the one I use.

Calc BMR here:

BMR Calculator

Daily needed kcal when more active than ''in bed asleep'':
Harris Benedict Equation

So BMR x 2nd link number that is yours to calc your daily kcal needed to maintain. Obviously, I don't know if it is any good lol.. but seems very good. :)



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My BMR at my current weight is 1528.3 and I'm a lady and quite a bit smaller than you in height. As I said, not sure it is any good but with the explanation and all the site seems to be good.

They say guys eat 2500kcal a day on average, and if you calc your x1,2 light excersize (assuming you do move around :D) it says 2070kcal (forgive me if I'm wrong!!) to maintain your current weight.

Is that right ? I haven't been able to test it very well yet coz I'm still doing steps up and not on kcal steps yet so am curious if it's accurate.



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don't ask me I'm a couch potato at the moment.
Hahahah :D Okay, so it's the BMR not x1,2 :D You lazy lil ...... :D


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Well, I have got my Bike out of the shed and got it ready, and I've been talking with the missus about going swimming before work. That's always hard to get going again, but once we do it's fine.


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True. It's about finding a pattern and sticking with it. :) I may have trouble with that too, who knows.

I ride my bike to school and I will be signing up at the studentgym in 1,5 weeks (when I'm done with this period at school)


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