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Metalic Taste


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My mouth is so dry it's driving me mad. I've drank that much water trying to get rid of it i've now got belly ache and need to pee every 20 mins!!


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Hi, i ve been on the slim and save now for 3 days, and i have a metalic taste, i drink about 3 litres of water a day, i dont feel hungry at all, which is really going well. The only thing is i have had black coffee with a sweetner a couple of times a day, but i have read that you do not go into ketosis if you drink black coffee, chewing gum or breath freshner. Is this true, does anybody know. Thanks Pauline.


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Pauline, that's not true at all. Black coffee is fine but if you have sweeteners just make sure they're sugar free, just check that the gum is sugar free and if you use a lot of it then it doesn't contain citric acid as that can affect some people (but not all), and ditto the breath spray. Lots of us have all 3 with no ill effects. Judging by the taste in you mouth it sounds as if ketosis has hit you which is about right 3 days in.

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Keep going, and good luck!


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I've had that 'day after drinking lots' mouth taste all day. Plus had a really dry mouth and lips. I think it's because I've been sat in lectures all day so forget to drink as much. I've still had almost 1.5 litres though.


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Over 2 ltrs now gone and I'm actually pretty thirsty. Just cba to get some more water.


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I've found the water has made me thirsty, random! Also kept the metallic taste at bay, but everyone is different. I can't eat gum when i'm on any kind of diet as it makes my stomach think there's food coming!


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I think sometimes water 'makes us thirsty' because if we are slightly dehydrated it makes the brain kick it up a notch now your finally listening. Just my theory anyway.