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Metallic taste and nausea

I have been following SW religiously for almost three weeks now, and have been really happy at the losses I have achieved so far. For the last two and a half weeks though I have felt nausea and a metallic type taste in my mouth. I am 100% sure I am not pregnant. It may well be a horrid coincidence, a bug of some sort. But I just wanted to see if anybody else has encountered the same? If so, how long does it last? Thanks
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Not me i only had that when i was pregnant with my 3rd child has it from the moment i got pregnant right up till i gave birth !!!
can I ask what plan you follow ? It sounds similar to ketosis which is a state that happens when you dont consume carbohydrate ( such as on atkins diet of total food replacement diets ) , it is possible to become slightly ketotic iff you follow red days religiously ?? just an idea , probably totally off the mark !!!
first thing i thought when i read your post was that you must be pregnant! i had it with both my pregnancies, but if your 100% sure your not then i dont know what it could be x
I haven't changed my meds so I don't think so...
I'm starting to wonder whether it is the huge amount of diet drinks I am consuming, maybe a reaction to sweeteners. Think I'll stick to water/tea for a while.

Thanks for your help everyone :)
I have been getting that too, and think you might be right about the sweeteners? I eat alot of light yoghurts which contain sweetener, I have it in my hot drinks, Its in diet drinks.. and I only seem to get it when I've been consuming those things.
I have already done three tests! That's how I think I know I am not!

I have just put two and two together and realised my brand of thyroxine has changed, as my pharmacist didn't have my regular brand. Perhaps it is a reaction to that! Thanks for your responses :)

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