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  1. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    Hello everyone :sign0144:, i thought i would write a diary as it hopefully will keep me on track....It seems to work well for others :)

    I successfully lost 5 stone 8 years ago with lighter life & managed to keep it off until 3 years ago, i had a busy lifestyle & a hectic job at the NHS until one morning in July 2010 i woke up with a horrendous headache (which has never gone) that was the start of my life taking a dramatic turn...The pain in my head came out of the blue, i had to go sick from work as i just could not function at all. To cut a long story short during the period between July 2010 & March 2011 i was backwards & forwards to doctors & hospitals & having a lot of time of sick. The trust i worked at diagnosed me with a condition called TMJ (Temporal Mandibular Joint dysfunction) which later turned out to be the wrong diagnosis, unfortunately as i continued struggling to function on a daily basis i couldn't do my job & was eventually discharged due to ill health.

    By this time i was slowing putting a bit of weight, no longer active in any way all i could do was stay in a dark room & on many occasions not even leave my bed. Not happy with my diagnosis i asked for a second opinion, again to cut the story short after MRI & CT scans & seeing Various consultants i was diagnoses with 3 different type of migraine (Chronic Migraine, Hemicraina Continua & New Daily Persistent Headaches) I was later diagnosed with ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia & a low igA causing me to have a very low immune system.

    Due to my now sedentary lifestyle & living very single with pain, i gained all the weight that i had successfully lost :eek:

    So unhappy & uncomfortable I knew a VLCD worked for me before so wanted to do it again But no longer can afford Lighter Life, fortunately i found Extante which is much cheaper.....:woohoo:my order finally arrived a little while ago, so i can get started with Total Solution tomorrow morning...

    So there you go fellow dieters that's a little about me & i'm hoping for the same success that i had 8 years ago...I'm looking forward to getting to know many of you & supporting each other in our journeys.

    I will try to update my diary everyday to keep me on track....

    :thankyou: For taking the time to read this xxx
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  3. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Good luck with your journey! I hope the headaches aren't too bad for u in the first few days, mine were bad enough without everything else bless you! So good luck and I look forward to reading about your amazing success! ? x

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  4. Lesley1981

    Lesley1981 Member

    Hi, and good luck with your current weighloss journey :) I suffer from migraines myself, and I honestly don't know how I would cope with having one every single day! BUt fair play to you for starting again :)
  5. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    Thank you for your replies...It's the headaches I'm worried about in the first few days, when I done lighter life they were aweful & I didn't suffer with migraines/headaches at all then. I have prepared myself by making sure I have enough Triptans (migraine meds) to help get over that phase. Just hoping my head will be tolerable Thursday as I have physio in the morning then a hospital appointment in the afternoon...xx
  6. Susie58

    Susie58 Gold Member

    Hi MC & welcome to the forum.

    Sorry to hear about the debilitating effects of the head pains. I have severe Migraines every 3 weeks & that's bad enough. I really feel for you as continual pain is so draining & admire you for attempting to take control back over your life.

    The 1st 3 days are the worse as you say but you sound as if you have prepared yourself as much as you can. Try to keep up your fluids if you can as that will help too.

    Good luck this week & try to come on here regularly for the support. It really does help ;) x
  7. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello!! Welcome and good luck!! I do not have headaches...never...but i know how bad it can be!! hope you will be feeling good!!
  8. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    Day one

    Not had a very good day (illness related NOT Extante) I woke this morning with no energy at all, infact i've been sleeping on & off all day, only waking to go to the loo or needing pain killers. On the plus side its made it easy not wanting to eat. Started the day with a Chocolate shake, was quite surprised that i actually liked it. I usually don't like anything chocolate flavoured (only the real but the shake was rather nice :) In the afternoon i went for the Vegetable soup, i found it a bit too thick so next time will use 250ml of water instead of 200ml. Did taste 'Powdery' so i added some pepper to it making it taste a little better, not sure if i like that one?! Next came the Banana shake, added crushed ice & quite enjoyed that one, although it did have a slightly bitter after taste - Maybe i need to use more water with this one too?

    Although feeling naff & probably be back to bed soon, my first day on Extante has been a successful one

    If anyone has anyone has any advice especially with regards to making the Vegetable soup tasting better, it would be greatly appreciated
    :thankyou: for reading xxx
  9. If at first..

    If at first.. Full Member

    Hey Metallichick!
    Well done getting through day 1. I hope the headaches haven't been too bad - I had them excrutiatingly to begin with when I did Lighter Life 5 years ago, and I suffer with the occasional migraine but oh my word you have been going through so much! I can't imagine having migraines and headpain so frequently it is just so impossible to do anything when your head hurts!
    Anyway good luck on your restart - I have a good feeling for us that this time is the right time and we will do great :) Only thing to say about the veg soup (it ended up being the only hot one I could stomach) is that I found my taste really changed throughout my abstinence last time round also, maybe cook it a little longer with more water to stop it being powdery - I know what you mean by that - I have settled over my time on packs with just banana shakes as I ended up with all the hot ones making my stomach turn and the choc shake tasted perfumed to me. I just have a banana shake for breakfast and one for lunch and sit down and savour a bar for tea - I don't really consider them meal replacements, more 'thin medicine'! x
  10. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    Day 2

    Love the idea of them as 'thin medicine :)

    Started this morning off with the Vanilla shake warmed & added coffee, very nice. At lunch time i went for the mushroom soup, another one that was powdery & not sure if i liked it, maybe i'll get used to it as time goes on? This evening i tried the Toffee, nut & raisin bar....that was rather yummy

    I can honestly say that 2 days in & not feeling hungry at all & the headaches/migraine hasn't been any worse that usual which i so relieved about. It may be because my water intake is usually around 3 litres a day anyway?! Who knows??

    Hubby is being a star & eating his meals in another room, no idea what he had tonight but it did smell delicious...Lol

    :thankyou: For reading
  11. If at first..

    If at first.. Full Member

    Really pleased it is going well - great stuff! Good on your hubby! I love those bars too - I had one for my tea. The others are really nice too - I go through phases of one or the other being my favourite so usually buy mixed boxes.
    Keep up the good work chick!
  12. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    Thank you chick x :flowers:
  13. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    What a day!!! Had no sleep last night, up & down to the loo all night, physio this morning then took dad to his. When he came out dad had a funny turn & ended up in A&E, thank goodness he was ok. He had blood tests & discharged home. I had to cancel my own hospital appointment as there was no way I was leaving dad but by the time we new he was ok it was too late for my own appointment anyway. Only been in half hour & have a head from hell, so off to bed to sleep off this migraine....A proper diet update a bit
  14. If at first..

    If at first.. Full Member

    'insert swear wordy exclamation here' Metallichick what a horrendous day - and a long way from everything being aligned to give you the best chance of getting into this diet smoothly. Sorry to hear your day has been so sh1tty, I'm glad your dad was ok in the end - hope you are able to sleep off the migraine, and that tomorrow is a much, much better day! x
  15. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    Day 4

    Damn migraine yesterday, ended up taking 2 Triptans before it started to ease :cry:And the restless leg syndrome kept me awake half the night again but that's my daily life.....Anyhoo onwards & upwards, the diet

    Yesterday i started with a Strawberry shake...Mmmm very tasty, in the afternoon i had the Tomato soup that was vile, how can tomatoe soup taste THAT BAD??? I finished the even with the tai chicken soup OMG that was even worse i was gagging with every mouth full...I've come to the conclusion that i really don't like the soups :sigh: As i ordered the 2 week starter pack there still 3 of every flavour soup to get through which i'm not looking forward at all....

    Yesterday I order the 90 items for £90 promotion (football90) so that i can pick & choose my own choices, i've ordered mainly bars & shakes with a selection of ready meals to give them a try?!

    This morning i had the porridge for breakfast i was surprised that it is quite nice, it had that sight powdery taste that all the packs seem to have but i'm sure my taste buds will adjust & i'll get used to it..I have a nasty taste in my mouth today i'm wondering if its because i'm now in Ketosis??? I'll get hubby to pop out this afternoon & buy me some ketostix. Going to have the vile tomato soup this afternoon (the quicker i use up the soups the better...LOL) And having having the chocolate orange bar this evening.....Mmmm looking forward to that one, i just hope i won't be disappointed as i haven't tried it yet

    Hope everyone is having a success day & good luck to you all

    :thankyou: For reading xx
  16. bob123

    bob123 Silver Member

    Eugh... I hate the soups too! Luckily I remembered that from last time and ordered a box which only had the veggie one in, and a ham and pasta one which is actually quite nice! Couldn't stand the double chocolate bars either, but luckily swapped those (for some turkey dinners which to be fair aren't that great either but better than the bars!)

    Good luck, onwards and downwards :) x

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  17. If at first..

    If at first.. Full Member

    Bless you Metallichick, yes, the thai one made me gag too, although I found the veg soup palatable if it was thin enough. All powdery though :( That's why I only have shakes and bars now. I hope you like the choc orange one, it is a bit tangier than the raisin one but I do like it too, although I am mad for the raisin one at the moment :) I don't have a microwave anymore (we just didn't usebut I did first time round and I used to microwave the bars for a few seconds before I ate them and they were gooey and lush - very easy to cook for too long though and ruin your tea, literally, a few seconds on a small plate. Nom. Keep it up hon
  18. Sleek_Chick

    Sleek_Chick Full Member

    Glad you had a good day 4, in spite of the soups! I absolutely abhor the tomato soup; the only way I can tolerate it, is to split the pack in half and make with plenty of water. I also use a lot of white pepper to disguise the taste. I decided to purchase only the vanilla shakes, as they are the most palatable, but I did order some bars, ready meals and a few of the new flavours. Have a good day! x
  19. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    I doubt very much i would like them either, can't stand chocolate flavoured stuff. Which is why i surprised i don't mind the chocolate shake :)
  20. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    I don't have a microwave any more myself, i threw it away about 7 or 8 years ago when one day i came home after doing a big shop. The cupboards, fridge & freezer was full, my daughter complained there was nothing to eat?! Basically she meant there was no microwavable meals, i picked the damn thing up & though it out...LOL
  21. Metallichick

    Metallichick Full Member

    Hahaha!.. That's what i have been doing with all the soups, really don't like any of them :sigh:

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