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Mia's 100% SS Daily Diary


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well, after my posts yesterday about nibbling I though I would make myself a little diary and record everything I have throughout the day. I 'nibbled' yesterday - no, I didn't I 'ate' yesterday :wave_cry:. I had some chicken pakoras and some cheese from the buffet at work. So, yesterday was the last day I cheat from now until 9th July.

So, I am going to be 100% SS today, and every day from now on. Only got 36 days to do so I can see a light at the end of the tunnel. I know I have to get back on track when I step back off that plane to shift the last stone but I am going to concentrate of NOW and try my damdest to lose 14lb in 36 days. Fingers crossed.
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Good luck Mia.

36 days seems like a reasonable time to stick to it 100%, your holiday will give you some real motivation. Just keep visualising yourself in your holiday clothes, getting dressed up in the evening and feeling so proud of yourself for putting in that extra effort the month before.

You can do it!! Stay positive, you've got lots to look forward to and it WILL be worth it! x


Skinny girl in a fat body
Yes Lexie, that's the way to go for me now - one day at a time. I am so disappointed at my losses that if I don't do one day at a time now - I will just cave in totally. Cried like a baby last night at my 3lb in 2 weeks loss.

Thanks Em - my problem at the moment is that people are complimenting me on my loss so I am getting a bit too lax. I am a 12/14 now from an 18/20 so I am looking ok. Think the nearer you get, the more lax you get. 36 days is not impossible and I WILL DO IT.


is gonna do it!!
a stone in 36 days is sooo do-able!!
your be so glad you did when your on your hols!!
Go for it!!


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What a great idea for you to start a diary. 36 days in NOTHING... but that stone is still more than achievable. It will fly by, just as Lexie said, take it day by day (hour by blooming hour if you have to ;)) and keep thinking of those holiday outfits. Remember, you can text me if you're feeling weak, I don't mind sending you a virtual kick up the behind to keep you in shape. I know you've not had the most successful losses weight wise, but your inch losses speak for themselves- and to go from a 20 to a 12/14 is a brilliant achievement. Well done for how far you've come, and well done in advance for the next 36 days off cheat free, 100%ness! ;)


Stubborn tortoise
Great idea to do a diary Mia... you've done so well, look at the stats... and with the dairy's hep you can shift that last stone! Go Mia!

Great idea about the diary Mia, I know exactly how you feel, I have got lax with my weighing over the last week because everyone makes comments like "you are fading away", wow you look great, you have lost so much weight" and I am losing my determination to lose this last 15lb... so I set myself a goal yesterday and told my CDC. I am going to SS+ for the next 4 weeks and then move up the plans, hopefully my weightloss wont slow down too much and I will still lose around 10lb in that time which will only put me 5lb from goal then which I will hopefully lose moving up the plans..... so to keep me inspired I keep thinking only 4 more weeks...

Keep up the good work and 1 stone is definately doable in those 36 days, so stick to it... and good luck


Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks ladies. You know, I know a stone is doable in 36 days - just not for me :(. My losses haven't been good, even my CDC admits to that, so even though I am going for it, I can't help but feel pesimistic about it. I am failing in my head before I even start. Last month I only lost 11.5lb. So, it is doable - for everyone else lol.

Lisa, thanks hun, I know I can text you and I probably will :).

Greeneyes, we have about the same to lose then? I want to lose the stone to get me to 10st 7lb then I will start again when I come off my hols to get shot of the last stone to get me to 9st 7lb. I am really aiming for under my ideal weight so I have a bit to play with.

Saying that, I may see what I look like as I shrink. No point in being 9st 7lb and looking half dead is there :)
Ha ha, thats what I thought too Mia, I am going to get to 10 stone and then decide if I need to lose the extra 7lb then... dont want to look old and haggard


Skinny girl in a fat body
Been 100% so far. Had 3 ltrs of water, a veg. soup and a strawberry shake. I am so hungry I feel like crying. It's only 7.15p.m. and I've got another 2 hours to wait until my supper. I am trying to stay off the mousse and the bars again as the week I didn't have any, I had a better loss (4lb). Maybe coincidence but have to try it. Keep visulasing a chopped up cranberry bar. A hot chocolate shake will have to suffice :( :(
Mia, I divide my shakes in half and have six halves a day, I weigh out 18g of powder, put it in a jug, get my mug and fill it with nearly boiling water, then pour this onto my powder and hand blend it, it still tastes okay to me, but I get double the amount and more often, so this helps... saying that I have been starving hungry today, told dh this a short while ago, have just had my dinner, small meal plus mixamousse and am still hungry.... hope this feeling goes soon, I am drinking a black decaff coffee now to try and get rid of this flippin hunger...


Skinny girl in a fat body
Greeneyes, I have been looking at your losses - hey, they are great, well done. This is the beginning of my 10th week and my losses have been c***.

Oh my god, the hunger. I know I shouldn't have eaten yesterday and I don't want to do it again. I don't like halving my shakes, they don't taste very nice to me. I sometimes half my soup (which I did today) but the shakes taste too watery for me halved. I love mix a mousse, I would eat it if I wasn't on CD :). I had my best loss, not great but better, the week I didn't have it, but I miss it. Good luck with tonight - let's get over it and we will feel much better tomorrow. Do you have another pack to go tonight, or is that it for the night?
Half a pack which I have around 8.30, hot chocolate.... I found that I didn't lose as much when I had the bars so I dont have them anymore, which is why I didn't have the mixamousse up until now too.... but I am now struggling so much, I just had to treat myself...


Skinny girl in a fat body
100% D*A*I*L*Y *** D*I*A*R*Y

Thurs. 4th June - 100% DONE :checkmark:
3 ltrs. water
1 x veg soup
1 x strawberry
1 x mint choc.

Fri. 5th June

Sat. 6th June (Take That concert - day and night)

Sun. 7th June

Mon. 8th June

Tue. 9th June

Wed. 10th June


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Glad you're back on track hun, doing great. You amused me during BB, Sam kept telling me to put my phone down and rolled his eyes everytime it bleeped..... ;)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Haha Lisa, it was funny. I have been awake since 4.00 a.m. with hunger. You know that empty gurgling feeling in your stomach? Still got it now. Hunger doesn't usually effect my sleep but it did last night. That's what I get for having some nibbles the other day. Aiming for another 100% day today (and every day going forward).
Hey Mia,

Glad to see youve started a diary. Ive just started mine too and I find it does help keeping me distracted and focused on a day to day basis.

Like you my losses havent been that great. Even at the start on Soul Source I was averaging around 2lbs. But I know Id lose more on this than i would on any other diet so that keeps me going!

36 days will fly by, just keep busy and you will look great :)


Skinny girl in a fat body
Hi Crazy. You look fab. Even though your losses may not have been great you must have lost inches. Your photos are lovely.

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