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Mia's new food diary

13th October - Red day

B: Weetabix & Milk (heb+ hea)

L: Pitta (hea) with Phili light (71g hea) and cucumber, some grapes

D: Diet coke chicken with stir fry veg

Lemon cheesecake muller light

Syns: 10.5

Wagon wheel 8.5, Highlights hot choc drink 2
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14th October - Red Day

B: Weetabix (heb) milk (hea)

L: Diet coke chicken leftover and salad, pitta (heb)

Muller light lemon cheesecake

D: Birdseye Salmon in lemon and herb sauce, steam potato and veg (6 syns) Phili light cheese 71g (hea)

Syns: 6
Extra Easy day

B. 2 weetabix and milk - heb + hea
L. Leftover chicken and salad
D. Diet coke chicken with rice and salad.

Ripple 9 syns
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B. 2 eggs one slice wholemeal bread
L. Diet coke chicken and rice leftover with salad. Grapes
D. Tuna pasta

Olive oil - 6 syns
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Right! Fresh start after having baby....must do this!


B: 2 weetabix (heb) some milk (hea)

L: Tuna salad with olive oil (heb)

D: Chicken breasts with tomato & basil topped with low low cheese (hea), Butternut squash chips

Syns: 2 alpen bars - 6
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B: 1 slice wholemeal bread (heb) 2 eggs - hea milk in tea

L: Chicken breast with butternut squash (leftovers) mint sauce 2syns

D: Turkey burgers and salad olive oil (heb) - may use some cheese (hea) bbq sauce 4 syns

Syns: 2alpen bars 6

Total 12
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B: Slice of wholemeal bread and low low cheese (hea + heb)

L: none too busy

D: quorn burgers with onion, tomato & cheese(hea) salad olive oil (heb) wholemeal pitta 6 syns
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B: Slice of wholemeal bread and some light phili (hea & heb)

L: slimming world quiche. Made with Ham tomato and some hea phili salad cream light 3syns


D: Quorn burgers with mushrooms and lowlow cheese hea. Salad . Olive oil heb. Pitta 6 syns

Time out bar 4.5 syns
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L: 2 slices wholemeal bread (2heb) with cheese (hea) and bacon

D: Sticky chicken 2syns with salad 6syns olive oil squash chips

Curly wurly 5.5 syns
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Extra easy day

B 2 Eggs, lean bacon and beans

L Tuna salad with cottage cheese heb olive oil

Alpen bar 3syns

D sticky chicken and brown rice 4 syns with cheesy veg hea

Curly wurly 5
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B. 2 Eggs

L. Steamed salmon topped with phili light - hea

D.Quorn burgers 1 syn. Cheese - hea. Salad. Pitta ..- heb . Olive oil - heb

2 time out bars 10 syns

Highlights choc drink 2 syns
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B. Eggs

L. Chicken tomato and hea cheese on heb bread toasted

Alpen bar 3

D. Sticky chicken 1 syn and rice with veg

Time out 4
Breakaway 5

13 syns
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