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Microwave Cooking


I have just restarted SW for christmas and will be diary starting the week after.

My main issue is that I only have a microwave and a tabletop fridge.

I need to plan lunches and dinners around this.

I might be able to get a slow cooker and a grill, but no oven or hobs.

Can someone point me to recipes I can do for lunches to take to work , and in the evening which need little doing as I am never sure when I will be in from work.

Many thanks , and I will be investigating classes for after new year.

James, Bristol
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We use a microwave and a fridge at work.... so I know how you feel about trying to find recipes.

I would suggest making up a batch of soup? Or you can always cook baked potaotes in the microwave. (Think they take roughly 10mins or so.) Then could put beans or tuna or anything that lives in a can ontop of that. :)

Asda sell these boil in a bag bags which you can put veggies in them and cook them in the microwave. I hear they are very good! Ive bought some but not yet used them.

Hope that helps my dear. :)


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I had two great microwave meals this week and will be happy to share the recipes - mushroom and leek risotto and quorn biryiani

Will post it later as I am heading out the door

You might also want to try your library to see if they have any books on microwave cooking


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Hi Circes,

Please can you post the recipe for the mushroom and leek risotto? :)


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I'd say invest in a slow cooker the amount of meals you can make will increase by about a million!!


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Bachelors savoury rice and pasta can be done in the microwave, well, I guess any rice or pasta can be! There's something called Bean Feast which similar which you can eat for free on Green days. A slow cooker would open up your options when it comes to meat. Or you could get one of those lean mean grilling machine type deals - they're pretty awesome.

I bought a table top teppenyaki grill from Lidls a few years ago which was amazing. It's basically a flat piece of metal which heats up and you can fry(light) anything on it. >>


Hope that helps!



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you could always get a halogen "oven", a george foreman type grill, and some bags for the toaster..
or just get a combi microwave that does grilling and oven too..
a steamer is a good thing to have..
failing that there are plenty of microwave "gadgets" that let you fry and steam etc in the microwave..Cookware for microwave ovens : Kitchenwareonline.


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mushroom and leek risotto
for 2 people or 1 with a large appetite

Sorry I dont weigh ingredients so these are estimates

  1. chop one leek and put in a large microwaveable dish with a tbsp easy garlic and a tbsp extra light flora - bung in for 5 mins on high
  2. Add 125g risotto rice and stir well
  3. Add 500mls stock and return to microwave for 10 mins stirring half way through
  4. Add 150g chopped mushrooms and zap on high for further 6 mins
Season and serve
For a bit of naughtiness stir in phillie cheese at the end


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Thanks Circes. How many syns does the Flora have? I don't eat butter or marg so have no idea sorry :)

Ela ine

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Jacket potatoes
Savory rice (you can cook and heat up?)
Pasta/chilli - can batch cook/freeze and reheat?

You can pretty much warm up anything in a microwave that you have previously cooked?
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You can cook a full breakfast in the micro - bacon turns nice and crispy, scrambled eggs, mushrooms, beans, plumb toms

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