Cruise PP Microwave 'muffins' (also Attack and Conso)

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  1. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!

    Jo suggested I post my muffin recipe - it's actually just a version of my bread recipe but as it's in the microwave I can make them daily as required.

    **check your Oatbran quantities** the ones given here are for 1 day's portion on Cruise / Conso

    • 1 TB wheat bran
    • 2 TB oat bran
    • 1 Egg
    • 1 TB Quark/Fromfrais
    • 1 or 2 TB yoghurt
    • 1 TS baking powder
    • Flavouring
    Mix well, it should be gloopy but not liquid and distribute into 8 silicone cupcake/muffin cases. Arrange in a circle on the turntable and microwave on high for ~4min.

    Turn out quickly onto wire rack (they are steaming) and give time to cool. The longer you leave them out the drier they get - I prefer mine quite moist... Quite a spongey texture.

    Sweet: scant TB sweetener, in addition if liked: a sprinkling of cinnamon, 1/2 ts of vanilla essence. You can also use vanilla or toffee yoghurt for 'built in' flavouring.

    Savoury: a tiny pinch of salt (or they are too bland), and I like fresh chives in them.

    I have to add that I usually have them sweet, and eat them at coffee time when everyone else is tucking into cakes and biscuits.

    they are also nice split in half and spread with Quark, or Philly EL etc, whatever you fancy.

    To bake in the oven: Bake 15 mins at 180C Fan

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  3. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Interesting indeed! I'd never have thought to make muffins in the micro wave!
  4. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!

    As I said - it's not the *same* at all, but it's convenient!
  5. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!

    I have now baked them in the Oven too - they don't rise as much and are less spongey.

    Bake 15 mins at 180C Fan
  6. dukandebut

    dukandebut Goat herder(ess)

    Which version do you prefer the taste and texture of, Anja? I do my muffins in the oven, but am tempted to try microwaving next time.
  7. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    You don't mention separating your eggs and beating your whites, so I presume you don't? (perhaps why your oven version didn't rise as much?)
  8. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!


    yes I just mix it all up - really it's a 'galette in a mould with a bit of raising agent' or 'oatbran bread in a small mould'. I'm not sure which I prefer, taste wise they're quite identical ;-) I supposed I'm more used to the Microwave ones now, they are a bit moister too...
    Yes I can't usually be bothered with anything that requires incorporating whisked egg whites (especially not first thing in the morning) I'm afraid so I have not yet tried making your muffins... As baked goods go they rose just enough really.

    The baked ones look a bit nicer, especially if you're trying to pack a non-obvious lunch! Photos coming up when I get the chance.
  9. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    I'll definitely try yours, for a change, but for us breadless Cruising souls, something more "bready" (and less moist) is a real joy!
  10. alottolose

    alottolose Gold Member

    so that's just one days cruise oatbran/wheatbran allowance?

    how many does it make Anja? :)

    totally interested - love convenience!! :) thanks for the recipe!! xxxx
  11. dukandebut

    dukandebut Goat herder(ess)

    I know! Isn't it brilliant! Something nice to last you through the whole day.

    It's very similar to the recipe I use and so should make 8 good-sized muffins. :)
  12. anjuschka

    anjuschka Dukan Ancestor!!

    Yes, on day's portions and it makes 8 for me - that's how many moulds I can fit onto the microwave turntable. I now have the baked vs microwaved pictures attached below. I know which ones win on looks - but the microwave ones win on convenience! They actually rise about the same, just in a different fashion which makes the baked ones look a bit smaller!

    Oh and this is my special version with a bit of chopped apricots in it - everyone LOOK AWAY please :eek:

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  13. dukandebut

    dukandebut Goat herder(ess)

    *looks away so that she doesn't see the lovely apricotty bits!*

    Wow, they look quite different to the version I've been making. Mine look more like soggy Yorkshire puds! I must try your recipe. I have to agree that the oven-cooked ones do look very appetising, much more so than the microwaved ones.
  14. babaloo

    babaloo Member

    can i use silicon muffin cases?
  15. babaloo

    babaloo Member

    & i can't see to find wheatbran anywhere!
  16. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    Definitely use silicon cases - the paper ones often stick!

    Holland & Barrett usually stock it... some supermarkets too... otherwise perhaps order online if you live somewhere particularly rural.
  17. Brightnatty

    Brightnatty Talks alotttt! :)

    If on Attack do I use everything apart from wheatbran?
  18. Maintainer

    Maintainer ** Chief WITCH **

    That's right or else try the oven version (p.1 towards the bottom of the main recipe thread). I personally don't find the microwave ones a patch on the oven ones.
  19. sarahistanbul

    sarahistanbul Full Member

    i dont have an oven atm and have found these muffins a GOD send..thank you so much
  20. I'm on my way

    I'm on my way Full Member

    I tried this yesterday, I doubled the mix and it made 7 muffins in my silicone muffin tray, so I had 3 this morning in some natural yogurt, lovely! Will be having these regularly for breakfast now it is getting warmer!
    Thank you for sharing!!
  21. Toothfairy79

    Toothfairy79 Full Member

    Muffins were divine x thank you x I added non oil non alcohol strawberry flavouring delicious!! Going to try savoury with herby quark x

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