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Mid Week 2 blues


this time - the last time
I have been doing really well on SS so far.

I lost 9lbs last week, and have survived a wedding reception, dinner out with the girls and a work sit down meal so far without cheating at all!!

But I amd still feeling really down. I don't seem to be losing any weight this week (I know its still a little early to be weighing myself).

But I just wondered if anyone else had had slow or no weight loss in a week after a big loss?

Just feel a bit unmotivated I guess :(
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Hi there

Yes I only lost 2lbs in my second week and then it went up to 6lbs and back down to 2.5lbs so all over the place. I try and look at it as a whole so over a month rather than week by week. Unfortunately us women can retain water at the drop of a hat - rest assured that you will be losing no matter what the scales say. Have you tried measuring yourself to see if you are losing inches? Please do stick with it you have showed remarkable willpower so far - you can do this and the weight will come off.



this time - the last time

yeah I am measuring myself every tuesday morning! so fingers crossed it'll motivate me to keep going!

How are you finding the shakes?
I gave up on the shakes as I prefer Tetras so I just have two choccie Tetras during the day and a soup in the evening. To be honest I could live without the soup but it is quite a nice way of getting my Fibre89 down and somehow think something hot is more filling. Haven't tried the bars as I think the chewing thing might somehow make it more difficult for me!

I always think the best way is to look at weight loss through a month, not weekly, if you can, stay away from the scales everyday, dont be a slave to them, the diet will work, you just have to have faith x

Well, all i can say is 'oh my god' It's as if I typed that message. I feel the same! = did really well last week (1st week) went to 2 weddings and didn't eat, and lost 8lbs (ok, ok, so you lost 1 more!! :D), and now i dont seem to have lost any. BUT have resolved to give it a month to see if I lose the stone that I was promised ;)

We've got similar amounts to lose too! We can do it!!! :)

I had a great loss of 12lb in my first week, but only 2lb in the second week. You will see from my sig that I have gone on to lose 51lb in 21 weeks so it can be done, even with low losses some weeks.

You have shown remarkable willpower this week, and as long as you are sticking to the diet you will be losing fat. Water fluctuations can vary by half a stone or more in some people so try not to get too hung up on the weekly readings on the scales. I dont weigh at home now and just wi at the CDC once a week.

Keep going because you are doing so well.


this time - the last time
Thanks everyone! That has really helped.

I survived another night out with the girls last night! (Until now I thought my social life was fairly non-existant!!)

I think I will try and stop weighing myself everyday! It is far too addictive!
Hiya hun well done you on getting through so many temptations and congrats on your weight loss, the girls are right, its so difficult but please try and not weigh yourself every day and look at it over the month instead of weekly and measureing yourself is a really good motivator i'm on week 5 and i've lost 22inches from my body in just 3 weeks!!!

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