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Midwife led care..

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Well, I got my first call from my midwife tonight, everything is totally different from when I lived in Manchester and had my eldest! lol
They have 'midwife led care' which means that I can have a team of midwives and one of them will be with me throughout my babies birth.
I can choose, home birth or hospital and if hospital can opt to come straight home and never go to a ward - both options are a total relief for me. :)
I am really really pleased as was in hospital for 3 days with my eldest and hated every minute of it. There was nothing wrong with either of us.

As this one is due over xmas I am really hoping to be home as much as humanly possible.

Anyway one thing at a time.. 4 weeks till I see my midwife! lol
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Aww that will be lovely. It's similar here, I have 2 midwives who I see the whole way through, and midwife birth is normally an option, just not for me. I have to go consultant led unit or nowt lol.

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that's nice you'll have the same two midwives throughout :)
can I ask why you are consultant led? Sorry if it's too private, just say.
I never had these choices when I was pregnant before - I saw the same midwife throughout as she was the clinic midwife, she saw me up till she broke my waters in hospital but then was off shift so I had different faces from then on in, not even the same midwife. Didn't feel personal at all and the new midwife treated me like I didn't know anything - it was my first but I'd devoured a ton of baby birthing material! lol not the same, but I wasn't totally ignorant.


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Aww thats fantastic purple,hopefully you'll build up a great bond with her by the time it comes to having your baby.

I'm training to be a midwife from september and and really looking forward to doing the midwifery led care, unlike the shared care i got when i had my two, i.e a different midwife everytime you had an appointment and having to explain things to each one.

Also about the whole 3 day stay, its completely changed now and basically if they are busy then they will try and chuck you out asap. With my second I was told i could go home after 6 hours if i wanted!


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I'm high risk, I have a long list of medical problems and delivery can be dangerous for me. Am having daily injections at the moment and already had 3 scans lol, so me and the hospital are close :)

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Shelbell - sorry to hear that, must be a pain having daily injections (ouch). But am glad you are getting good care, and I'm sure you'll know your consultant team as well as would normally know a midwife! :)

Little Red that's lovely that you'll be qualifying soon - and what you've said about midwife led care - and not being stuck in hospital! lol I must admit by day 3 I was in tears begging to be allowed to go home.. I think they got rid of me then as I was causing a fuss, till then i'd bitten my lip and just been quiet about everything. lol


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When I had my son I was in hospital for 3 weeks! 2 weeks ante and 1 week post-natal.

Hopefully we'll all have nice simple regular births and be home asap :)


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aw thats really cool will ahve a chat with my mw at home visit ,with my little boy 3 years ago had same mw but had hospitla birth and was who ever was on duty >I gave birth at 21.15 and was out next morning by time Ihad been stitched and sorted it was after 12 so they dont allow you to go home or id have gone lol

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thats' nice you have the same midwife :) will mean you are much closer. :)

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