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Miffed with CDc

Hi There!

I really hope that my new (and now OLD!) CD consultant isn't reading this as I don't want to offend her... but I really want to get this off my chest! If she is reading this, maybe she can take it as constructive criticism!

I stumbled across info on the CD a few days ago and thought it looked FAB! I loved the idea of SS, and the success that so many people have had with it. I phoned my nearest consultant, booked an appointment and went today.

To start with, she could do with losing 2 or 3 stone herself. The before and after pics on the website look a VERY long time ago, and she is now bigger than in her 'before' pic.

With almost no introduction whatsoever, she started going into great detail about glycogen and ketosis, complete with drawings and demonstrations. I may not be a nutritionist, but I do have chemistry, biology and human biology A-Levels and know all about that stuff. I kept nodding, but I didn't like to say 'Yes, yes, I know'! She then explained in great detail how bad I'd feel after a few days. I told her that I had been on VLCDs before, and had (MANY years ago) gone for days without eating anything, so knew how it felt, but she carried on telling me how different people react to it. Maybe I should have been more clear with her, but it would have been nice if she'd asked me more about my history and goals in the first place.

Then (and this is my big issue here!), I told her I hoped to follow SS. She started to tell me about something that sounded like SS+ (I've read up!). I told her that sounded like SS+ instead of SS, and she told me that no one can stick to pure SS, she doesn't have anyone doing SS, I would have to be monitored by a doctor, and I would FAIL on SS. I asked her how often I'd have to be monitored by a doc, and she looked up her paperwork just to find she was wrong! She still stressed that i WOULD FAIL on SS (because 'everybody' does), and her words were more-or-less 'no, I won't let you do SS'.

I came away feeling really stunned, as I was so excited having read about everyone's success on SS. I felt like she just wanted to make more money out of me. I did think I could just lie to her... buy enough for SS+, but only use three a day... but why should I have to lie to her? I have enough guilt about food and dieting as it is!

She said I had to get a doctor's signature (fair enough), and to come back if I could get it today, otherwise she'd be there tomorrow. I phoned her later to tell her my doc's receptionist said it would take seven days, and she just said 'That's fine, bye'. Maybe I'm being over-sensitive here, but it's NOT fine with me... I was really looking forward to starting right away, and it just would have been nice if she'd been a little bit more sympathetic as I'm sure she knew I was eager to start!

Anyway, I've decided to try a different consultant, but I wanted to get this off my chest as I was/am SO looking forward to starting this diet, and today really pricked my balloon! Hopefully in a few days time I'll have more positive things to tell you!

Rant over... thanks for listening, lol! :)
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im sorry you felt this way.... i kinda feel that way too about my original cdc i saw her on the thursday, due to start cambridge (she started me off on 1000 because thats what she thought was best...) and ive not heard from her since... (that was two weeks ago on thursday..) so i have had to find someone else...

i felt like she also could do with being on the diet... and she made me feel like i was going to fail.. continually asking me are you sure you want to do this etc....

ive now found 2 lovely ladies.. (one on the way out as she has loads on and cant keep doing it, and another who has just started) so i am getting stock from the first lady, and then start off with the new lady.

good luck finding another cdc... there are some nice ones out there...
sounds terrible , and the fact she didnt even know much about SS is aweful !!! sounds like she failed on SS herself so feels she should tell all her clients that it is not possible to succeed on this plan ... sounds jelous to me !!! I definately think you are right to find another CDC who knows more about the plans and who s supportive !!
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at the end of the day, Cambridge is a business. It can take a while to find a consultant you are comfortable with. Just because they are on the Cambridge website it doesn't mean they are any good.

go and see a few and then decide which one you prefer before you get the doctor form signed.

Good luck!
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That's not good atall.........vote with your feet and find a new CDc. It'll be her loss of business, and I'd drop a line to CD Head Office about her lack of knowledge. Maybe she needs a bit of 'retraining'. Hope you find one out there who suits you I'm sure there is one! Good luck!



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Yeah, my consultant could do with losing a few pounds too but it doesn't bother me. I just go to her for the products and because she charges a reasonable amount for them. I don't need the advice/support from her.


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Im happy with my cdc she is lovely and down to earth and always gives me praise .
Thank you so much everyone for your supportive messages! I feel now like it's 'her-not-me', and I feel hopeful that I CAN stick to SS (even just to spite her, lol!).

I have an appointment booked with a new consultant tomorrow, so fingers crossed, but am I looking for them in the wrong place? ~ On the Cambridge website there are only about 5 in 'my area', but even they are a minimum of a 45 minute bus journey away. I don't mind doing the trip once a week, but it would be better if I could find someone in my town.

Thanks for all your help and encouragement! :)
some cdc travel to their clients, others you have to go to them. I go to my cdc because it is easier for me and she lives on my way home from work, but she also makes "house calls".

If you go on the Cambridge Website you just need to key on your postcode and it lists all the cdc nearby, if you don't have transport check and see which ones are "mobile"


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I'm not sure that the Cambridge website is always bang up to date with details of CWPCs. I found mine by ringing the helpline on 0800 161412 (pretty easy to remember that number :)).

Hope you find another one soon.
Whoever it was, report her. That is no way to be treated and she should not be a representitive of Cambridge. She clearly has no idea what she is talking about and should not be a CDC. Hell, I'm more qualified than that!! :(


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she sounds like shes in the wrong profession, she should be encouraging you and helping you find a plan that suits you or even if you do the diet for a week to see how u get on with the plan would be helpful.. hopefully your new councilor is a million times better :D x


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the harsh reality is that ss IS difficult, and lots of people cant stick to it...BUT....that doesnt mean you wont and she should be judging you on your own merit, and not on previous experience!
When i started CD April 09, i was the biggest sceptic going (and my CDC was heavily pregnant) and all she said was "give it a week"....it was the best advice i could have received! A week in the great scheme of things is nothing, and i lost 13lbs, which was all the motivation i needed to stick to things!

CD is a tool and requires will power yes, but the role the CDC plays is one of guidance and assistance and not just distribution becuase the diet is so difficult to get into!

i would most certainly report her to CD! She is certainly not good advertising for the diet (and not becuase of her own weight), but becuase her attitude stinks!

Also, vote with your feet hun!

The best experience of this diet is your own, so the sooner you can get started, the better!
Until you get on the shakes, start reducing carbs and drinking more water and best of luck to you hun! Its a fabulous diet :D
Thank you again, all of you, for the kind and encouraging words!

And yes, I have voted with my feet, and visited my new CDc Friday morning... and she was a million times nicer! Needless to say, I've come away with my packs and am starting this instant! ~ Currently sipping away at cappucino, mmm!!!

I think you're right, LizzMB, that SS IS harsh, and for that reason I needed all the encouragement I could get... I didn't need to be told I WOULD fail because EVERYBODY does (clearly 'everybody' doesn't!)! The funny thing is, I think it's actually worked in my favour, as I'm now determined to prove her wrong! ~ So it was a worthwhile visit after all, lol!

As for reporting her, yes, I guess I maybe should, but I'd feel a bit bad about it. I always feel when someone provides bad service, they'll lose customers anyway so that's punishment enough. I didn't mention her to my new CDc today as I thought they may know eachother and I didn't want to spread gossip or anything. I'm simply looking forward to when she realizes I haven't bothered going back to her, lol!

And with the intention of proving her wrong, I'll state here that as of 18-September (day 1) I weigh 16 st 1lb... I'll update this thread in a weeks time just to remind myself she's wrong and I'm best and say 'ner-ner-ner-ner-ner' to her, lol!


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Good luck, I love your determination. :D


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super attitude to take hun! :D

But i would still complain......your using this to your advantage, but someone not as strong might just walk away!
SS is hard, but once you get through your first week and see the weight loss, it will spir you on even more!

Hope your new CDC gives you all the encouragement you need and deserve hun


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