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Milk as a HE



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No you do not need to syn it if you do not use the full amount given for a HE. A consultant on another board has said that this question comes up frequently at SW training updates and the answer is always no. The HEs are not there for the purposes of weight loss, but they are there to ensure you are having a balanced diet so do try and have the full amount.
Thank you Circes that's very helpful :)



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Really Circes? I've only ever seen / heard it advised that Hes have to be used as a whole, or synned? I didn't know Cs were 'allowed' to frequent forums either, well, not 'openly'.

Good to know if it's right though, as I've been meaking a point of drinking the end of my HE milk of a night, even though I don't really fancy it.
It's never made sense to me when people say that if you don't use all your HEA or HEB it doesn't count and you have to syn it. I've only ever seen this on the boards and no Consultants have verified this to me but I'm sure that some people think this is true.
I often have some milk or an Alpen light left over and would be very miffed if I had to point what i had eaten.
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As far as I can see, the healthy extras are there to ensure a balanced diet without adding unnecessary syns (ie 2 slices wholemeal bread gives enough daily fibre, but 3 would mean extra syns, although not harmful).

Therefore, surely it's up to you whether to use up the full quota or not? I often don't have all of my milk - I'm sure it's not harming my weightloss, just probably not getting as much calcium from dairy as SW would like.

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