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Extra Easy Milk for Coffee - HEX or Syns?


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Hi everyone

I'm just curious about how others prefer to count their milk for tea/coffee.

Do you like to use your healthy extra for your milk or do you prefer to syn it and use your healthy extra for something else?

I probably have 3-4 coffees per day and that's all I use my milk for. Skimmed at home and semi skimmed at work.

Using my healthy extra for it at the moment but thinking of playing about with it.
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I always use mine for coffee, I tend to have about 4 a day with semi skimmed milk. I've measured it before and it doesn't come to 250ml but I still use it as my HEX.
The only time I don't is if I'm doing EE and I want my A choice as cheese - they say it is 1 syn per dash of milk in hot drinks but I guess it depends on how milky you like it.
I use my HExA in my coffee, Mostly, the rest is drank before bed, since it's always important to get enough calcium and I don't really get any from anywhere else.
i always use it for coffee, every once in a while i will have 1 light babybel as well, as i only have a tiny bit of milk in my coffee
It all depends on what sort of Breakfast I plan. If it is cereal then I use the milk with that and then make my tea with it in the morning and syn the other cup of tea at work. If it is say Ryvita for breakfast, then I syn the milk for both cups of tea and have cheese as my HExA.

Sounds complicated now I think about it - but it works for me I suppose.


I have it as my HEX, as I like a latte in the evening watching TV, and a cuppa in the morning.

If its just for a cuppa in the morning, and I want to use my HEX as cheese or something, I'll have black coffee, syn that coffee or herbal tea.
I measure out my milk as a hex in the morning and use it on my cereal. Then the rest goes on cups of tea. Not sure how I'll work it when I get back to work (summer hols for me)but so far so good.
I'm on green and I use both HEXa's on milk for my tea. I drink gallons of the stuff!
1 cup of tea in the morning using my HEA allowance, because it is measured out and what is left goes on my cereal.
Apart from that, black coffee and redbush tea.

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