Milk on 790 ?


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I can have 1/2 pint of skimmed but cant see that will be be using it as going to continue having black tea.!

Did I read somewhere you can substitute it for fat free yogurt ?? have tried searching it but havent had much success.


Deb x
it would be lovely to have a nice bit of yougurt instead of the milk so keeping my fingers crossed I didnt dream it up. :D

Yes it was mentioned that low fat natural yoghurt can replace the milk. Im sure it was 250g of yoghurt. However I could have just made this pretty sure because when I tried it I bought a 450g pot and had half of the pot for day 1 allowance and rest for day 2. hmm...
I also didn't want to use the milk for tea and coffee as I always take them black. But I do use it often to treat myself to a latte which I really enjoy so much.

I also have found that the purple top milk is a lot nicer than the regular skimmed milk in the shops.

Hope you enjoy your time on 790 plan.

Dizzy x