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Milk on induction..



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Hey Rachael

I can't leave the house without a morning cup of tea and use the Tesco organic unsweetened soya milk - 0.1 carbs per 100g - or if it's not in stock, the Alpro unsweetened - 0.2 carbs per 100g.

It can curdle in some tea and coffee (something to do with the acidity) so I zap a little in a milk jug in the microwave for 90 secs - works with the tea, not always with the coffee :)

Am also about to invest in a coffee maker, and from what I've read online, soya froths up fabulous and the pressure heating bit should stop it from curdling.

Susie x
excellent :D
I don't drink tea so I don't have to worry, but oh my, the protein shakes are gross without milk haha!

And the sero bars are errrm, rather unsavoury effect on me...:(


Clean green leafy machine
I so hear you on the "side effects" - Jim did warn me but I went ahead and shovelled some choccie stuff with sucralose in it and boy oh boy did I pay!!!

Think sucralose and Imodium must be owned by the same company LOL :)


Clean green leafy machine
Re the the shakes - aren't they foul?

Ossireo posted this on another thread -

When I have the odd one I normally do 250 Soya Milk with 2 scoops of powder then add a little cream for richness. You could also whiz in some cocoa powder as well.

I have indulged on one (when I was on holiday and not following plan so much) that was 250 soya, 2 scoops of powder, large blob of natural peanut butter and chocolate .. very snickers like. Whilst I would strongly say it is not induction friendly I could certainly contemplate it as an emergency chocolate fix for those pesky monthly demons

Worth a go x
Ohh that sounds amazing!

I just wanna mix them with something other than water to get my calories up a bit. The weight is dropping off fast and I knowits at an unhealthy rate because my calories are low. I want to keep this weight off for good so I need to do it properly :)


Clean green leafy machine
Making them with soya milk (and cream mmm and cocoa powder double mmm) will bring the calories up a bit and they will taste MUCH nicer!



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Racheal why are you worried about the speed of your weight loss in the beginning? I plan to lose no more then 3 stone & I lost 12lbs in 2 weeks.I was delighted.

I know you're nervous, believe me I totally believed cooking with oil, butter & coconut oil & eating cheese was going to send me to fat hell.

I can only say to you embrace this way of eating, don't touch bread, pasta, rice, high carb fruit & veg. Drink tons of water & this eating plan will turn your life around. :D

Don't forget how well you are doing :D xx
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I really hate soya milk, but I don't drink alot of milk anyway. I have a cup of tea in the evening sometimes, so I have a splash of normal milk. I'm just making sure I don't go mad with the carbs, and it's working pretty well for me


Clean green leafy machine
Re the scrambled eggs, I guess you could try soya - but i just use water, ditto for omelettes



Clean green leafy machine
Bought some Alpro unsweetened and it doesn't curdle when I put it in coffee (although I do still zap it for 1:30). It's slightly higher in carbs than the Tesco organic - but worth it not to see a big lump of yuck at the bottom of the cup :)


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