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Milk Week


Taking it Day by Day
I am fast approaching milk week (next week) and whilst a few weeks ago I was really looking forward to it, I am not so positive anymore now, probably not helped by a really slow weightloss of a measly pound this week, and the fact that it is done virtually at the end of Foundation, where I feel every pound lost counts.

Now my LLC has urged us (as she obviously has to to comply with the new rules) to go ahead with the milk week, and look at the bigger picture rather than the one week where we might not lose anything. Is anyone here due to do the milk week soon and if, what are you going to do about it, also has anyone done it recently and how has it affected your weight loss. I know that quite a few in my class are planning on not doing it.

I was thinking of adapting it a bit to suit my needs (haven't mentioned this to LLC yet). As I understand the whole idea is to push your daily calorie intake over 1000kcals, but LL advises that regardless of whether you "only" have four shakes a day or three shakes and a bar, you should aim for 500kcal worth of milk. Now what I am thinking of doing (as I always have 1 bar a day) is to calculate the total calories I take in (I think with the nutcrunch and three shakes it's about 790kcal or about 690 with any other bar) and make the shortfall to 1000kcal (about 210 or 310) up with milk, so that I will just get over the 1000kcal. Has anyone done this, or is this a complete daft idea??

I was really hoping to reach/get close to losing 4 stones by the end of Foundation, and this seems to get somehow in the way of that, especially after not losing much this week...
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has started again!!
My nod to milk week was a couple of skinny lattes from Cafe Nero and nothing else. I lost weight well that week, and no problems healthwise before or since!

Do whats best for you!


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I've been on LL for 28 weeks and my week 12 was the week after milk week was introduced - my LLC has never mentioned it to us and when week 24 came round not a word - as I said at the time it was introduced - it's unenforceable - the medical people and LL cannot prove what you did or did not consume - after all it would be medically inadvisable to only have 3 packs but LL and NICE can't prove what we do in our homes - so it's a stupid rule! (Also my other argument is that LL is sold as a complete nutrition programme and LL should be paying for the milk if they want us to have it (or develop special double nutrition packs for week 12).
Yep - I too gave milk week a miss. It's a load of rubbish and there is absolutely no evidence for or against it, certainly not from everything I read - and I read up quite a lot!
None of my group did it actually. Bunch of rebellious children that we are :D
I was adamant that I wouldnt but felt quite tired & cack so did it in the end and felt much better for it to be honest! All I did was have milk in shakes and one skinny chai latte from starbucks! Its a very personal decision but I didnt regret it & it prepared me for how I may feel when coming out of ketosis - blind panic which I hadnt anticipated but something to work with!!


has started again!!
Forgot to add that a friend of mine has lost shed loads on LL, and began before this milk week shenanigans. She has never done it and looks as fit as a fiddle. She is very happy and about to begin management. Her only issue is that her naturally very fine hair has begun shedding fast and it is noticable. She is not in the least worried about it and confident that it will regrow very soon after her body has stabilised!
i was wondering about this, the idea of drinking so much milk is not pleasant so will be very glad if i dont have to do it.



Taking it Day by Day
Thanks for your replies!
Still in two minds about it but the idea of "just" having a few skinny lattes and otherwise carry on as normal quite appeals to me :coffee:, I just can't stand black coffee!!!!

I probably will decide on the day, and yes the thought of having to down 1.5 litres of skimmed milk doesn't seem too appealing, and as someone mentioned is an extra cost on top of the whopping £66. Wouldn't it be nice to just have a nice chunk of cheese worth 500kcal instead:drool: (just kidding, seriously)
Oh no, don't say that as a joke Julia! I hate milk and was seriously hoping I might be able to have a piece of Brie instead. I guess not :sigh:
Do you know if there is any alternative to quaffing lots of milk though?


Taking it Day by Day
As far as I am aware, it's milk, milk and more milk. Semi, skimmed or soya (soya is 2ltr:eek: a day).

LL advises to make up the soups and shakes with the milk, so you wouldn't need to down it alongside the shakes and 4 litres of water. Gosh, if I'd do that my belly probably would develop epic proportions (not that it is still epic anyway....)
At my meeting last night our LLC discussed milk week but she basically said it was a personal decision whether we did it or not but her guidelines tell her she must inform us about it and then we make up our own minds. Well I've made up my mind and there is no way I am doing it!!! Im just into week 7/8 so its a few weeks off yet anyway but most of our group have decided not to do milk week.

Dawn xx
I am on first day of milk week! Decided to do it cos I will be on LL long term but went for soya milk before realising its so low cal that you need 2litres per day! No way as I like my shakes in 200ml! So unlikely I will get past today with it to be honest. Most of my group not oding it but our counsellor said if she finds out that we haven't then she can't give out foodpacks so we can not do it if we want but we can't tell her! So I will probably have a pint of the stuff today then leave it for the rest of the week!


Taking it Day by Day
I did a sort of milk week "light" version in the end. I had some milk every day (quite enjoyed my teas and coffes) but probably no more than 500ml max a day. I must say I quite enjoyed having the milk, and still managed to lose 2lb that week. Most people in my group didn't do it, and some like me just had some every day. As I knew I would have to be on LL for quite some time after milk week I decided in favour of some milk. if I only had a few weeks left before reaching goal I propably wouldn't have done it at all.
I think generally having to do something like milk week in week 13 out of 14 weeks in foundation is not good timeing and I can understand why people don't want to do it so close to the end.


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A friend of mine had milk week a couple of weeks ago, she did try some milk on day 1, but found she woke up the next day full of phlegm and a snotty nose (apparently milk can make us produce more mucus (yuk). Anyway, what she decided to do was to have a piece of fish or chicken which equated to the same amount of calories.

When she was weighed she had stayed the same from the previous week.
Bleurgh - I hate milk! I've asked my LLC to find out if there is any alternative (HO were apparently thinking about it) before I get to week 13. Plain cottage cheese would be okay - or fruit juice or anything apart from the evil white stuff really. Although Brie or Stilton would be especially nice......... (fat chance - literally!)


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Hi. I done the foundation of LL last year and this milk week thread is interesting. How come LL is advising people to have milk, I thought it was supposed to be nutritionally complete? How often is milk week?
Milk week was introduced because NICE guidelines say you shouldn't do a VLCD for more than 12 weeks at a time. I knew this before I signed up because I was quite sceptical about LL before I decided to do it and the advice on the internet is to have a break after 3 motnhs and then start again later.

It raises the calories for a week to 1000.

Presumbaly they chose milk rather than adding a portion of protein so that we did not experience 'eating' if we have been 100% absitinent until then.

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