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So long as its skimmed milk - I dont see a problem! ;)

debs xx
Actually Debs, I believe full fat is better on low carb, skimmed removes the fat but leaves the sugars, so you'd be getting more sugar for the amount you use.
I prefer to add a dash of double cream to scrambled egg, makes it so yummy...
Actually that's a really good idea Foxier, I'd go with that LBD. I'd think it would make a delicious cauli-cheese.
Thanks, I make a normal cheese sauce now, with the roux and everything, but I am in maint.
The IPD says that a good cheese sauce is 200g of marscapone cheese in the microwave for 1 minute, then stir in 50g of grated parmesan or other strong cheese and 1/2 teaspoon of mustard powder.

I also like softening the garlic and herb philly cheese, as a slightly different sauce, its lovely with braised celery for instance.
Hmmmm, I do a Recipe with cheese and leek that may just be induction friendly, I'd have to check it out. Sauté some leeks in a frying pan, in butter with some garlic, drain, put them in a pyrex dish, add slices of cheese on top, Grill and when the cheese is melted pour the liquid from the frying pan over it.
I did that for supper on Sunday, very nice. :)
Hi there,

I know soya milk has lowest carbs, but I have recently discovered lacto free milk, it's available in most of the supermarkets and only has 2.5g carbs per 100ml, and tastes exactly like normal milk!

I use it when I've had too much cream during the day!

Hi suzy,

I do use cream, however they do say you should limit it to two spoons per day?

I use lactofree milk in coffee sometimes when I am not allowed any more cream!


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